City wastes money on Marketing LLC's again on your tax buck

Gary Billington, AKA connect the dots again dipping into city funds to the tune of a thousand dollars per month to "Market" OC to potential business's. Isn't this the Job of Wis Park?  Why is the city the pawn of Wis Park? Shouldn't Wis Park attract their own potential investors/buyers for development at Oak Wood and Peter Cooper Property,Carrollville/Lakeview Village/Lake Vista? This is the second Marketing firm the city is wasting your tax dollars on. Something stinks. First they sell property to Wis Park for less than fair market value and now the council and mayor are seeking clients for them. No wonder they need a secure environment next we'll have to encase their homes to protect them from the general public and provide security guards again at taxpayer expense. GOVT is breaking the back of the middle class.


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