Marty Petersen, Taylor County Humane Society, Medford, WI

On Saturday, December 21st around 12:30pm I was dropping off a pregnant Austrailian Healer to a rescue in Oak Creek.  She got away from us and escaped on to Howell near Ryan Road.  Needless to say we were desperately trying to catch her as she was very  pregnant and we didn't want to see her get hit.  After a great deal of creative driving and a very helpful citizenry of Oak Creek, we got her.  Your citizens were extremely helpful in catching her and getting her safely back to the dog rescue.  People slowed down, they put on their flashers, they blocked her escape with their cars, they stopped their cars and got out to help.  All I can say is the people of Oak Creek rock.  Thank you all of you good Samaritans and God bless you, everyone.  On a side note our mama dog had 6 puppies, 4 boys and 2 girls on Sunday the 22nd. Those pups have a bunch of canine godparents from Oak Creek to be grateful too.  


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