The Selling of America on Election Day

Think you are represented when either candidate wins?

May we conclude that, whatever happens by day's end, our political system is defunct?

The buyout by super pacs and corporations of what was once your freedom to cast a meaningful vote for representation ... a buyout, by the way, spun as freedom of speech itself (!), has left us with a poor selection of viable highly processed candidates and an election season that becomes a bubbling tar pit of spin outright lies and fear mongering.

Increasingly the process results in huge division. The states aren't UNITED by our free elections ... The country is not healed or strengthened by the process ... the dynamic is like a body trying to saw itself in half. The current process is lethal to real progress or even simple well being. Citizens either become ardent disciples spouting the latest dogma produced by highly paid pundits and propagandists or are ignored as they find central questions are left unanswered, depth or detail is never reached, etc.

The elections in the USA is an exhorbidantly expensive puppet show and we line up to clap for or boo the hero and villain of the day, while the puppet masters, the Soroses and Koch Bros and Adelmans of the world, arrange our next decade according to unspoken and veiled agendas. Political thought in free societies can not be represented by two choices.

This is the least number of options one must have to even call your decision a choice and this is how we are supposed to select the leader of the "free world?" The speeches we hear are so overcooked, strained, purred, they resultant language is like a toddler's board book ... lots of four to six letter words, short emphatic sentences, huge undefined abstractions. The death knell for individual representation wa s the Supreme Court's decision for Citizens United, a decision that exploded the last seawalls holding tsunamis of corporate money in abeyance....and we see a six BILLION dollar election.

Is there anyone reading this blog who thinks their vote will result in even a modicum of representation when super pacs are dropping this kind of dime on our candidates? Can you imagine they are not "owned," by the money that keeps their spin on your laptop and tv screens? Money IS NOT free speech. It can't be because it isn't free to begin with. Free speech is something each citizen has thepotential for in equal amounts regardless of their bank accounts, their social standing, class, race, gender, religious or political belifs, or other characteristics. If money is held to be free speech, as it was in this epic catastrophic decision, then billionaires get to speak the loudest.

The bellow of their voices will drown any individual cry. The White House should put a "for sale" sign in the front yard at Pennsylvania Avenue every four years to be honest about the nature of the present system. The jobs of these "elected" officials, from the highest on down, could be poste on eBay. I cant buy them....i am a poor man...but there are people who can....and do. How does that sit with you this election day?

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Johnny Blade November 08, 2012 at 07:14 PM
When you can create money out of thin to juice the legislative and there are NO restraints on this printed money backed by nothing this is a MAJOR FREAKIN PROBLEM .. no wonder both sides can pay off anyone. Another point is the media holds the sham two party debates gets all the advertisment propaganda money .. so there is more wrong than PAC money
Michael McClusky November 08, 2012 at 07:33 PM
You are right. As a public service the media should cover independent candidates more than they actually do. Their corporate advertisers would not like to see that happen, that is for sure.
Jeff November 10, 2012 at 06:22 PM
@Brian Carlson - This article is beautiful small island in a vast two party ocean of bullshit. Glad you're here Brian.
Brian Carlson November 11, 2012 at 04:56 AM
Jeff, thank you. It does feel like a small island at times!!!! Haha.
patchreader 123 November 11, 2012 at 05:42 AM
Yes, Brian, thanks for your article. Many people, including myself, are sick and tired of having the pot stirred every four years - only to have its contents settle into the same sticky mess (or worse) from one administration to the next. This is the very baseline of our current American government. How many years are we to wait, and how many administrations are we to trust, to address and correct the federal deficit? This is but one sad example of the "pass-the-buck and blame others" mentality of our government and bi-partisan political system. Unfortunately, the very citizens that our elected officials serve are almost powerless to truly change it. The SYSTEM, i.e., Electoral College, Commission on Presidential Debates, campaign finance, lobbying and redistricting, ensures the continuation of a stagnant two-party system filled with career politicians who often put self-interest and re-election goals over the interests of a broken middle class. These same politicians will certainly resist any proposed meaningfull change that may jeoparize their own self-interest.


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