Get Fit: New Facility Offers Boot Camps, Personal Training

CrossFit Oak Creek, which opened Sept. 10 at 200 E. Oak Street, gives attention to all aspects of one's fitness.

It's not just with physical exercise that new business CrossFit Oak Creek wants to help its customers.

The facility at 200 E. Oak St., just across from Milwaukee Area Technical College on the north end of Howell Avenue, pays attention to all aspects of a person's fitness, from sleep habits to what's on the dinner table.

"We kind of help them cover every aspect of fitness," co-owner and head trainer Corey Paszkiewicz said.

But lest there be any doubt, customers also can get intense workouts.

CrossFit Oak Creek offers boot camps, personal training and a variety of programs to test people's endurance, strength and agility. They are workouts incorporating weights, plyometrics and body-weight movements that help people in their everyday life — moving around the office or up and down stairs better.

But if that sounds intimidating, Paszkiewicz says it shouldn't be. Whether it's a 35-year-old who is used to regular workouts or a 56-year-old who wants to get off the couch, Paskiewicz said all are welcome to CrossFit Oak Creek.

"You can come in and be someone who works out all the time, or you can come in (having) never touched a barbell ever," co-owner Maggie McNeive said. "We're able to customize what you're looking for to get all of your workout experience just for you, based on where you're at."

A grandparent and a professional athlete could do the same workout, Paszkiewicz said — CrossFit can raise or lower the intensity depending on the person.

Participants also lean on the support of one another.

"If somebody finishes sooner, they're out there cheering you on," Paszkiewicz said.

Strict attention to each person is what sets CrossFit apart, the owners said. They aren't interested in how many members they can get or how much money they can make, they are simply interested in helping people get good results, Paszkiewicz and McNieve said.

CrossFit Oak Creek opened Sept. 10. Anyone interested in classes or learning more should call (414) 364-3869 or e-mail mychampionbuilder@gmail.com.

Corey Paszkiewicz September 19, 2012 at 01:25 PM
Great article. You can also find more info on their website. www.CrossFitOakCreek.com
Tony Paladino September 19, 2012 at 01:58 PM
Awesome place. Awesome people!
Mark Maley September 19, 2012 at 02:14 PM
Welcome to Oak Creek! We wish you lots of success...


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