Families of Temple Shooting Victims Meet With First Lady

Family members said they were happy to see Michelle Obama, who met with them privately Thursday at Oak Creek High School.

Michelle Obama knew all about Satwant Singh Kaleka.

She knew the 65-year-old temple president's story, about how on the morning of Aug. 5 and died trying to save the temple he built.

On Thursday, the first lady met privately with Kaleka's family, as well as the families of five other members who died and four others who were injured in the shootings earlier this month.

Amardeep Singh Kaleka, Satwant's son, said Obama was familiar with the stories of all of the victims.

"The thing she kept repeating was, your father was a true hero," he said.

Family members said they were happy to see Obama, who met with them privately at for about a half hour following a campaign stop in Milwaukee.

Amarjit Kaur, wearing a bandage on her left wrist from when she was shot during the attack, said Obama hugged her and prayed with her.

The visit was emotional, Kaur said.

"She came to  us — that is a big thing for us," Kaur said. "That means a lot to us."

Another of Kaleka's sons, Pardeep, said Obama's visit helps in the healing process.

"It's a sobering occasion, so you're never going to feel all that great about it," he said. "Her coming makes us feel a lot better and she shares in our grief."

Pardeep Kaleka said they gave Obama an orange bracelet that says "I pledge unity 8-5-12," made by children at the temple.

The first lady also met with the family of Oak Creek Police Lt. Brian Murphy, who was released from the hospital Wednesday and is at home on bed-rest.

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Elected officials, including Oak Creek Mayor Steve Scaffidi, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and County Executive Chris Abele, also spoke with her.

"I just thanked her for being here," Scaffidi said. "It was important for the community and obviously for the temple members.

"The White House has been nothing but spectacular. They've offered services, they've obviously been here, I got the call from the president on the day that it happened. They've been nothing but supportive and I just told her I appreciated it."

Mr.Ed August 24, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Open discussion of what? What information do you want? You know what happened. Enlightenment on what? How will what you ask for give us "harmony." The police, the mayor and the citizens of Oak Creek have all done a stand up job in this. What separatism? I suppose you believe the theory that Bush1 conspired to kill Kennedy. What happened has happened. I really don't think we have a grassy knoll situation hear. Move on.
vocal local 1 August 24, 2012 at 07:36 PM
I'd like to know more about the Sikh. Perhaps you knew they were not Muslim and knew what their religion is about. I don't know and I didn't care until six lives were lost to ignorance. The Christian religions are represented in the city and are accepted. There have been issues and opposition with the Korean Church and they're Christian. Plus, the Mung were denied the right to buy a business building and turn it into a funeral parlor. A great deal of intolerance is practiced here in OC. Education and enlightenment most often leads to acceptance of those different than yourself. Grassy Knoll? Conspiracy was the official congressional finding. I wouldn't put anything past the dirty, greedy Walker/Bush family. If Mondale had only won I believe we'd be in a much different economic and political situation than we are faced with today. But the courts for the first time choose our president. On face value I agree the police and mayor did a stand up job. The citizens? NO. We had less than a ten- percent resident turn out. About 10 percent less than those that turn out to vote, a much smaller percent than those that show up for sporting events, the lions fest, and those that watch American Idol. Discussion about the role of the police and costs also. Move On, next maybe it will be you and yours and then it's a little to late. Why not open it up for discussion? I've got some tough questions that the officials are acting like they do not wish to answer. Put it on the AGENDA for DISCUSS
Be Logical August 24, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Here are the facts...this tragic event happened on August 5th, carried out by an individual with no connection to Oak Creek. From what I've seen the city officials have literally worked non-stop to make sure that all resources were allocated properly, the citizens were informed, and kept safe. I actually talked to the Mayor and asked him about the response after the shooting. From what I've seen he has attended every public event related to the shooting, and he told me he has conducted private meetings with individual Temple members, their trustees, and the victims families. He has written about it, spoken about it, honored nearly every request for information from local radio/tv to national and even international media, and also spoke at length about it at the Council Meeting this week. The Mayor doesn't speak to police issues, that is Chief Edwards job, and I'm pretty sure once the investigation is completed, the Chief will talk about what he knows. Residents are entitled to know what has happened in their city, but at the appropriate time, and in the appropriate venue. As far as a charge of religious persecution goes, a city that hosts 23 places of worship, of all faiths, is hardly a city which is hostile to people of faith. If you don't believe that, ask them. Frankly their opinion is what matters here. Ask the Sikh community how they feel about their city, I'm pretty sure they are satisfied with the response.
vocal local 1 August 24, 2012 at 11:05 PM
These are also fact: The chief is out of the country. The chief is answerable to the mayor. The mayor controls the agenda. Remember, during the Bolendar reign we couldn't get anything on the agenda. Nothings changed. Put it on the agenda these are city matters it is the proper venue. There are definately questions that have not been allowed that I cannot write here or freedom of the press will quickly disappear. Nothing has changed and the residents are no safer today than they were August 5th. Four or five shootings since, the latest today. Now show me some logic.. You did not attend the Community Forum sponsored by the US Asst. Attorney General. You did not hear the Sikh testify that a Sikh cab driver was accosted on the street and told: "This is not over". You did not hear all the panel members promise the community that they would do all they could to prevent this type of incident, even change laws if they had to. Now, the mayor refuses to list it on the agenda for discussion. If you have nothing to ask or add stay home. I want a platform to ask critical questions about safety and procedure that to date have been denied that do not pertain to the on-going FBI investigation. In closing, how many minorities sit on committees? boards? are elected officials or employee's of the city? Minorities of race and creed do live in Oak Creek, they pay taxes, but they are not active parties of the community now are they? See the comments related to the FIRST LADY OF THE NATION.
Be Logical August 25, 2012 at 12:59 AM
Stop commenting on things you have no knowledge of.....I have attended many of the events including the Community Forum, the Faith Builders Rally, the Vigil in the park, the service at OCHS, and have spoken to many Sikhs at these events. If you have questions for them, ask them. They are an open, peaceful, loving faith. They have said on numerous occasions that they welcome questions. Stop looking for conspiracies where none exist.
vocal local 1 August 25, 2012 at 02:41 AM
You were at the Forum? Interesting...I have asked questions of the Sikhs which they readily answered. Unlike local government. The questions I have now are city matters and concerns that I'd love to write in the space provided but have had comments removed as Mark is of the opinion that they are insensitive not to the Sikhs but others who should have to account for behaviors and actions. Unlike the masses I don't believe only what I'm told by fox news. Have internet will travel. Conspiracies no. With held information from the public you bet. A lack of transparency in local government, absolutely. Put the entire matter on the agenda for discussion and I'll be able to speak publically, no guarantee's that I'll get answers but at least it will get some thinking logically and responsibly.
Mr.Ed August 25, 2012 at 04:32 AM
@vocal local 1: Just a couple of thoughts from a dumb hick born and raised in OC. 1) You say "I want a platform to ask critical questions about safety and procedure that to date have been denied that do not pertain to the on-going FBI investigation." Ok,lets hear the denied questions. You have set up a discussion, get it out and on the table, I'm truly intrigued by your concerns. 2.) You say: "In closing, how many minorities sit on committees? boards? are elected officials or employee's of the city? Minorities of race and creed do live in Oak Creek, they pay taxes, but they are not active parties of the community now are they?" As BELOGICAL stated, 23 places of worship speaks for itself. Sorry, but we don't have high level discrimination here, that is unless you want to start advocating quotas and reverse discrimination, just as it runs wild in our universities.
vocal local 1 August 25, 2012 at 09:06 AM
Ok Sally; will see how much is allowed by site management. I want to know if the first officer to arrive on the scene followed protocol. Should the officer have stopped to render assistance to a victim or should his primary concern been the perp so that more did not become victims. What went wrong? How did a highly trained veteran officer get shot eight or nine times plus two bullets bounced off his body armor? Those two bullets could have resulted in death. I want to know why for three days we were lead to believe that an OCPD officer shot and killed the perp without any mention of the perp shooting himself in the head. Surely the officer knew which part of the body he was sighting in. I want to know if this officer was suspended. I also have questions about costs, budget over runs, grants, and collateral monetary matters. No, 23 places of worship doesn't speak for itself. All did not respond is my understanding and I'd like to know which didn't. Although we do not have blatant segregation we have a long way to go before we achieve equality as evidenced by my original comment that you quote above. Did you read the comments posted about Michelle Obama's visit? They certainly do not reflect acceptance nor did Romney's statement yesterday regarding his birth certificate. I am not advocating quotas I do advocate opportunity.
Be Logical August 25, 2012 at 03:16 PM
So you're saying you want the first responding officers (considered heroes by the Sikhs and the world) suspended??? I can't even think of a good response to that craziness.
vocal local 1 August 25, 2012 at 05:12 PM
That is not what I wrote. I question if the first officer followed protocol. If his actions were standard operating procedure. The second officer, the officer who for three days we were told by the media without any corrections from the Chief of Greenfield or Chief Edwards, who had ample media time, who reportedly shot and killed Page should have been suspended. Suspended with pay pending investigation and review by the District Attorney. NORMAL PROCEDURE, not craziness. Didn't I kick your butt last year in discussion over declining student enrollment in OC schools? In that instance you couldn't get it thru your head that administration was fudging the numbers by counting four year old K and 3 year olds twice. You must be a public official. I wonder if the FBI is monitoring posts...ho ho ho and a bottle of rum de dum dum...I do watch the crowds and I did not see anyone other than those who had to attend(officials) at all the events and speak with the Sikh? Either your an official or your lying. Give us a public forum. Add this item to the agenda.
vocal local 1 August 25, 2012 at 05:35 PM
I have had limited conversations with Sikh members. Language is a huge barrier for me. But I do know a bit about India and their police. From what I've read prior to this incident the police are on the take, not credible, no integrity. Average Indian citizens in India yes sir, no sir the powerful police or disappear into filthy, harsh prisons indefinitely. We will discuss hero publicly as Mark the editor has made it plain to me that discussion of that topic is not allowed on this site. Of course, if you wish to open it up and I know Mark knows who you are I would think he would allow me the fairness of rebuttal. But one never knows what the editor of the cities official newspaper will do now do we?
Be Logical August 25, 2012 at 06:06 PM
First, I doubt you know everyone in the city and you can't possibly think you knew everyone at the forum. I was there. I'm not a public official....just an informed citizen who likes living in Oak Creek and thinks we have a great city with good schools and good city officials (elected and hired). I do what I can to make the city better by volunteering in the community, helping others, supporting groups & organizations who do good work in the city, giving positive suggestions and asking questions when/where it is appropriate. To me, that's how a citizen can make a difference.
trailblazer August 25, 2012 at 06:30 PM
I don't understand why you are questioning the protocol. Sounds like he went to check on the downed people and was ambushed by the shooter. Sounds like protocol to me. I'm sure we will all find answers to any questions when the rest of the investigation is made public. As far as 'suspension' of any officers, suspension is used when there are suspicious circumstances. This would warrant administrative leave until the investigation is done. Big difference. I would ask you just what you would accomplish in a public forum? You sound like you want all the details to see if anyone did something wrong. More like a witch hunt.
vocal local 1 August 25, 2012 at 09:36 PM
Why the negatives? I'm not the only one with questions, people are talking, residents do want to know. I don't think your correct trailblazer. All police officer shootings go thru the DA's offices. Further, it's my understanding that all officers who shoot and kill a perp, right or wrong, suspicious or not are temporary off duty and must be cleared and found psychologically fit to return to duty. In the case before us, the officer would/should have been off at least until the medical examiner's report was released. Clearly, residents have questions that may seem insensitive that an open discussion meeting would/should resolve. Police are not and should not be exempt from enquiry. Freedom of information is a primary function of a democratic process governmental agenda. When those rights and responsibilities are waived and denied people should raise issue which is exactly what were all basically doing. People like Logical for instance are not protecting liberty and justice and as the saying goes, deserve neither. Others see the collateral effects of not knowing of not questioning and blindly accepting as destructive to the American Way. Also, trailblazer, "sounds like he went to check on a victim and got ambushed", As a reasonable thinking adult I would not expect the first responder to check on a victim. Here is where I suspect protocol was broken which resulted in the ambush of said officer. ALWAYS, situational events are examined to prevent the same errors from happening.
trailblazer August 25, 2012 at 10:49 PM
I haven't seen anyone with questions or anyone talking You even said there was not much resident input at the functions related to this. The only thing I saw was news media with their desire to be the first to report and putting out some very wrong information and then not even correcting it. As far as the officers involved, you are correct. The DA does an investigation and they are off duty until cleared through may different channels but saying they are suspended is going a bit far in my opinion. That investigation will be made public and I'm sure all media will request it. In the police audio, the 1st officer arrives and doesn't encounter the shooter and checks on the downed people. The shooter then comes out of the temple. All this happened in a matter of seconds so to say anyone didn't follow protocol at this time wouldn't be prudent.
vocal local 1 August 26, 2012 at 01:08 AM
Trailblazer, one reason resident input has been minimal is some functions like the community forum were announced on the morning news the day of the event and residents were not informed. Suspended with pay is the technical term. It is not necessarily negative. In this case the officer was/is not suspended or off duty as you would say. I want to know why. Protocol: is defined and without open discussion we will not know if it was followed or not. I suspect it was not. We, the public have a duty to ferret out the facts. Responsible government will supply facts and not hide behind a lack of transparency. This said ask yourself why residents have such a hard time getting accurate information? Why do we still not know why Pat DeGrave was terminated? Why don’t the council members know how much money we receive annually from Shared Utility Revenue? I thought I was on top of that only to find out last week that we get much more than I was told. This number is official, directly from the Dept. of Revenue. The city receives $4,676,266.67 fixed per year and 2.25 in mitigation funding from We Energies. Total of 6.926 million per year. No where in official city financial documents have I found these numbers recorded. The official 2012 budget reads 3.4 million. We need an official account from city officials and employees. Do not allow this matter to be swept under the rug. A FBI investigation could take years. Remember, I have other issues that this blog editor will not allow.
Mr.Ed August 26, 2012 at 03:42 AM
@vocal local 1: "Did you read the comments posted about Michelle Obama's visit?" A few. They didn't sound quite like yours "I wouldn't put anything past the dirty, greedy Walker/Bush family." (I didn't know Walker was part of the Bush family, interesting.) How about modifying your statement to "I wouldn't put anything past the dirty, greedy Obama family." Does that make it racist now? I guess that would depend on how it best serves a motive and agenda. As a product of the OC education system, and with children currently in it, I can first hand tell you there is opportunity better yourself, available to everyone. (Unless you get stuck with a less than average educator.) Not everyone chooses to exercise the opportunities available to them. (But some feel entitled to the same rewards without working for it.) But I'm getting off your original questions. Some of which have merit, I'm just not sure there is come hidden conspiracy here. What has happened is done. Lessons learned from any procedural deviation should be utilized internally by the OCPD to guide future policy. As citizens, I'm not sure home much of that we need to be directly informed of. Best wishes to all involved for a speedy physical and mental recovery.
vocal local 1 August 26, 2012 at 10:00 AM
Sally, I was not speaking of Governor Scott Walker. Geo. Bush Seniors mother was a Walker. The Walkers were fierce opponents of Roosevelt’s New Deal and rise out of the depression of the thirties. It took the Walker family sixty years, two generations to rise to power and repeal acts such as the Public Utility Holding Company Act and deregulate financial rules which eventually they did. We as a nation are in a very similar financial crisis currently which Obama is trying desperately to correct. The bottom line most of Oak Creek’s “want to be” republican’s don’t get is if you earn less than $250,000 Obama is the best choice for president. As an educator certainly you understand what the Republicans are going to do to your earning ability, access to resources etc. at least you should but your comment leaves some doubt as related to naivete and failure to do YOUR homework.. Rewards without working? How about it’s not what you know but whom. Likewise you aren’t aware of the intentional references to conspiracy which writers use to discredit. I have much more to say that I cannot in this platform but which the powers that be can’t prevent in an open public forum thus denial of opportunity. Remember; Police as well as teachers are public employees. One major difference is in five years an OC cop earns $68,000 with another 12,000 in benefits. Teachers certainly don’t. The cops must be held accountable to the public. Think of what happens when they are not.
trailblazer August 26, 2012 at 02:25 PM
I felt notification of all the events surrounding this were very timely considering all that was happening. The city did a very good job of making functions available for anyone that wanted to attend. As far as Police Protocol, there are probably some things that are not going to be made public for the safety of both the police and the residents of this city. And I do believe that 'Administrative Leave with Pay pending the investigation' would be the correct term. I don't remember which article I read early on stated that but I don't think you are correct to say the officer was not off duty. Where did you get that information? As for the rest of your post, I do believe it would be for a different article than this one but with 'ferreting out the facts' comes the responsibility of being very sure of what you say so you don't make statements that can be proven untrue.
Mr.Ed August 26, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Vocal, my name isn't Sally. That's a song. I'm not a teacher. I am "a product of the OC education system" as in, graduated from OCHS. This must be where my "naivete and failure to do YOUR (my) homework" came from. In 2011 the lowest paid teachers at Oak Creek high school were making 43,000 to 47,000 not including benefits packages, which in the past have ranged from 16,000 to 36,000. Pretty spartan base salary. I support a 10k raise for all of them immediately. However if you do YOUR homework you will find that almost half of all OCHS active teaching staff is making $72,000 to $78,000 per year with an average benefit package of $36,381. Of coarse reforms now force contribution to health care expenses and retirement. Still a sweet deal given the summer and holiday schedule... You said: "Rewards without working? How about it’s not what you know but whom." I'm sorry but I disagree on this one. A child in OC may have bad parents, bad siblings, bad role models, but no one is holding back opportunity for the motivated. If you are able but unmotivated to work, at least you can now get health care from your parents until you are 26 while living in the basement.
vocal local 1 August 26, 2012 at 06:15 PM
Trailblazer, "you" may call a news announcement once in the AM TV news timely but I most certainly do not. City Hall Staff didn't have a clue in regard to the Asst. US Attorney Generals Community Forum, nor did the editor of this site. I agree, the police chief probably won't answer questions and will hide behind comments like we can't reveal our procedures or the "bad" guys will know. Does that have merit in regard to safety of the residents or does it allow them to operate in violation of their own rules? Neither you or I at this time can verify if the officer is working or on administrative leave.(thank you), He was observed leaving the police station and assumed to be working. That may or not be true. Regardless, an open discussion is where we should be able to get answers. Again, to date local govt. officials are denying discussion/transparency. The other data is I agree far from the title of this blog but should receive merit in establishing how the residents are denied information. Not only the residents but the council members, your aldermen are being misinformed. In a depression they are planning huge debt spending with all the additional power plant funding? What ever happened to live within your means?
vocal local 1 August 26, 2012 at 06:25 PM
Mustang Sally: Your salary range is in error. Last year the school district lost 10% of teaching staff due to retirements and Act 10 departures. Most of those positions have been replaced with a starting salary of 41,000 and no where near the benefits you state. They get health care and state retirement and contribute to both. State retirement is 11% of gross salary max which would be 4,100; they contribute I believe 3% with health care I'd guess about 8 grand a year total benefit package. As for rags to riches, few and far between. Even the cream of OC graduates don't seem to make it to the top. How many doctors, lawyers, indian chiefs does OC contribute to the social ladder? We did have a promising sports star which if my memory is correct over dosed or committed sucide.
vocal local 1 August 26, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Correction to quick math estimate above Total annual retirement 41,000 X 11% =$4,510.00 X 3% = $1,350.00 Staff contribution Benefit= $3,160 Health Unknown at this writing. In contrast local police starting wage was, 2011 data as posted on OCPD Web site: $46,109.00 Plus benefits. Retirement pension plan, Uniform Allowance, Gun Allowance 2% of base pay. Ten Paid Holidays, Vacation, one year, one week, two years to ten years, two weeks, then one year more for each year post ten years.
trailblazer August 26, 2012 at 08:42 PM
The Police Chief of any town has a right to not reveal procedures that would endanger the safety of the citizens. I don't consider that 'hiding behind a comment'. I don't know why you have so much distrust. So, yes, it does have merit. I, for one, would not want to be one of those that had to watch the events of this shooting on TV and wonder if their loved ones, either victims or first responders, were ok. My heart goes out to each person with loved ones involved no matter in what capacity. The police are not to blame here. They did their job. As for your comment about the police officer being on leave or working, I am looking for facts not assumptions. Earlier on you stated...".In this case the officer was/is not suspended or off duty as you would say. I want to know why". That looks like a fact to me. Now you say you came to that conclusion because 'someone' saw him leaving the station and ASSUMED he was working????? And you then say..that may or not be true? What if there was paperwork to be done or interviews to give regarding this incident? I don't consider that back to work. My point is, you have put out a statement and can not back it up other than with gossip. Now, as I read the rest of your reply, how much of it do you think I will believe?
vocal local 1 August 26, 2012 at 10:39 PM
Trailblazer. In this case what your introductory sentence is saying is that the Chief of Police has a right to tell us or not to tell us if a police officer followed protocol. This does not have merit. The chief has a responsibility to answer to the residents of the community one way or another. I would not want to be in any building with a gunman waiting on the arrival of police that were outside of the building checking on the status of fallen victims be they dead or alive. What was the officers job upon arrival? Was he there it disarm the perp or to act as EMT? This question the chief should be able to answer. Don't cha think? The chief also should be able to tell us if the second officer the one that reportedly shot the perp is on or off duty. An acquaintance told me he saw the officer working. After reading your post I went back and asked them how they knew the officer was working and they reported that they saw the officer leaving the police station. This is gossip? It's self report based on assumption. Now, if you want fact call the station and ask if he is working or not. I'd sure like to know. Chief should be back from his out of the country trip Tomorrow, Monday. Obviously, you will believe what ever you wish to believe. Don't challenge my crediability over trivia. This is not a court of law. No malice was intended. Should I go back and see what I can pick out of your posts and challenge to discredit? Waste of time. Give us a bloody forum for discussion.
trailblazer August 26, 2012 at 11:36 PM
When I talked about protcol, I was talking about protocol in general and not being specific to any case. As far as protocol in this case, I don't think it's protocol for an officer to enter a building alone. Did you listen to the police audio? The link was given in the comments here on Patch in the article about Lt Murphy on, I think, Tuesday after the shooting. It clearly states that he saw no shooter and then requested an ambulance. The 2nd officer then arrived and encountered the shooter. All this took about 1 minute. I don't know if a forum discussion is warranted yet considering the investigation has not been made public yet. I would want to read that and see any other video available first to answer my questions. From what I heard on the audio, I believe protocol was followed.
vocal local 1 August 27, 2012 at 01:21 AM
Trailblazer, all I want is information. The truth is the people in OC, in WI, in the US are no safer today than they were before post multiple mass public shootings. I am also concerned that an officer got shot several times and could have received deadly shots had he not been wearing a vest. We don't know at this point how fully he will recover. How much damage was done that could effect him the rest of his life. Something is radically wrong that the experts should be aware of but still no interventions have been identified. This case is most similiar to Timothy McVey. The common thread between all the mass shootings appears in my mind to be frustration with the establishment for wrongs perceived by the perps. But why then target individuals that did not directly effect the shooters? Here, it's my impression that neither the children playing in the parking lot or the women in the temple were intended targets. I have not listened to the tapes nor have I seen the police videos. I don't understand why Murphy would call for an ambulance I would have thought dispatch would have sent one considering the content of the 911 calls. And where is Chief Edwards? Out of the country per his voice mail, vacation, investigation? The city should hold discussions. Everything is not top secret although the FBI seems to desire such. The FBI doesn't run our city yet and it should never be allowed to. I think, you believe but neither of us really knows. We and They. Not ideal, not to be tolerated
Mr.Ed August 27, 2012 at 02:55 AM
Vocal, thank you for the correction on financial data. It was from 2010 and not 2011. I would have suspected more than a 10% changeover in staff. Perhaps those who stayed couldn't find higher pay and benefits in the private sector. Go figure. Here is a OC graduate who has returned to serve the community from which she came. (As did I.) Don't bother responding, as I'm sure you will dismiss this as a "one-off" event. She, Jennifer Scheeler, MD, is accepting new patients at a new Howell Avenue family practice clinic. Perhaps she could help you. http://www.mywheaton.org/Physicians/Details.aspx?sid=1&physician=875 I did meet the sports star back in the 80's. I wasn't impressed. If your watching NFL football tonight, you are contributing to the problem. But that's another topic of discussion that we may actually find some common ground on. I doubt your interested in doing that.
vocal local 1 August 27, 2012 at 12:57 PM
Mustang Sally: The numbers are not factual for 2010 either. Your absolutely correct in stating teachers can't find higher pay in the private sector at least not in educational jobs in Wisconsin. As for one doctor in X years, I'm not impressed. Further your snide comment as to her helping me? No one can increase your IQ, you could fall off your pedestal and hit your head and not wake up until morning but that might increase brain dysfunction or is it social dysfunction. How do you like me now. Don't bother responding. Common ground? Would that really be a possibility or would I have to deal with more of your egotism and errors in knowledge and judgment? Typical Oak Creek newcomer, doesn't sound to me like you came back to serve your community sounds more like you came back to flaunt perhaps a couple of nickels and a whole quarter in your pocket. More of the same. Football, sports in general are not my forte.
trailblazer August 27, 2012 at 03:40 PM
Then we both want the same thing......imformation. I guess it's a matter of how to obtain that information. There is an audio of both the 911 calls and police on the scene. I've listened to both. The video has not been released yet to my knowledge. That's where I started looking for information. As far as what each person did and why, I or you don't have the knowledge or experience to say that it was wrong or didn't follow protocols. We weren't there facing the intensity of the situation. I was very surprised at the short amount of time involved. I'm sure that many people are involved and looking at these videos to see what can be done as far as training for the future. Real life experience is the best way to learn. Just because you haven't been told about that doesn't mean it isn't happening. Same with any other mass shootings. As far as the Police Cheif, he is entitled to personal time. He doesn't have to let anyone know how he plans to spend his time off. Why does it matter to you where he is? I'm sure there are others in charge. As soon as the investigation is done, it will be made public.


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