Letter to the Editor: Cerniglia Right Choice for School Board

Resident says incumbent has been "impressive."

I first met Sheryl Cerniglia in 1995 at a Parent Advisory meeting at Oak Creek High School. At that time, I was impressed with Sheryl’s commitment to the students and staff on various issues. I have been even more impressed with her ever since!

Sheryl looks at every issue objectively. She educates herself with the available facts, collects input from others, and then makes a decision on what she feels is in the best interest of students, staff and the community.

I am proud to have Sheryl Cerniglia as my friend and the rest of you can be too! She is a devoted friend to the students, staff and the citizens of this community. She loves her work as an Oak Creek-Franklin School District School Board member and takes that responsibility very seriously. Her experience will continue to be a valuable asset in the future decision making process, especially with the upcoming budget concerns.

Let Sheryl Cerniglia be a friend working for you.  Please take the time on April 5 to vote for Sheryl Cerniglia.  She will impress you too!

Sharon DeWitt

Kate Humphries March 21, 2011 at 08:19 PM
After a fruitless attempt to contact her on a recent school board issue, I have crossed her off my list as someone I would vote for to continue on the school board. Maybe if she had had the courtsey to respond............ Kate Humphries
Sheryl Cerniglia March 22, 2011 at 02:57 AM
Kate: How did you try to contact me...I checked my email and spam and phone and nothing with your name...please call or email...I pride myself on answering questions. 414-421-5896 or tennismom@earthlink.net. I look forward to hearing from you.
Debbie March 22, 2011 at 11:13 AM
In my opinion Sheryl is ALWAYS willing to talk. I have gained a lot of respect for this woman. She is a staple of the Oak Creek community and volunteers her time to the people of Oak Creek more than anyone I am aware of. Go to any sporting event and you will see her working hard and enjoying what she is doing.She also is extremely open with her knowledge and information. All you have to do is ask her to put you on her email list and you will receive information about all board meetings as well as anything else that she knows about of importance to the people and students of Oak Creek. Kate..no disrespect but I think you may have had the wrong contact info. Thank you Sheryl for all you do. From someone you have spent HOURS talking to about community related problems and issues.
Kathy March 22, 2011 at 10:20 PM
I, too, have found that Sheryl responds to my questions. I was impressed when she was first elected, she emailed information on upcoming school board meetings and, afterwards, sent emails about what had transpired. Since I very seldom am able to attend school board meetings, I appreciate her efforts to keep citizens informed. BTW, When Sheryl first began sending updates, I was amazed to find that some members of the board objected. Don't you believe it is extremely important that residents have as much information as possible about school board meetings? I will be proud to vote for Sheryl Cerniglia on March 5th. Kathleen Slamka
Connie Runge March 26, 2011 at 02:11 AM
Sheryl has always been responsive to all requests for help that I had while my children were in school. And, if she couldn't get an answer immediately, she would have the answer by the next board meetings conclusion. I was pleased to get an agenda from her after my children graduated out of the school system as they weren't always posted in a timely matter on the school districts website. Sheryl is a true asset to the school board and "IS A VOICE FOR EVERYONE". One last note...Sheryl has never voted for a pay raise for herself in the time that she has been on the school board and her attendance record is stellar. I know that she has teleconferenced on one occasion because she wanted her constituents voices heard.


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