Final Temple Shooting Victim In Hospital Released

Punjab Singh still needs around-the-clock care and will be transferred to a health facility, his family said in a statement Wednesday.

The last victim of the Aug. 5 Sikh temple shootings to remain hospitalized has been released.

The family of Punjab Singh, 65, said in a statement he is being transferred to a different facility so he can continue to receive care.

"After more than two months of care at Froedtert Hospital, he has recovered enough to be released from the hospital. He still requires around-the-clock care and our family made arrangements to transfer him to a health facility where he will receive this continuing care," the family said in a statement issued through Froedtert Hospital.

"We are grateful to the doctors and nurses at Froedtert Hospital for their compassionate care, and to the people around the world who have kept him in their thoughts and prayers."

Singh is a temple priest who was shot in the head by gunman Wade Michael Page during the attack at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. Page killed six people and injured four others.

In  his family said he was in a coma following the shootings. Hospital officials have said there is evidence Singh may have also suffered a stroke.

Two others who were wounded, Oak Creek police Lt. Brian Murphy and Santokh Singh, left the hospital later in August. Amarjit Kaur was treated and released the day of the shootings.


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