Oak Creek Officials Reach Out to Newtown

Oak Creek offers help and advice on trying to heal following a mass shooting.

Unfortunately, Oak Creek knows about trying to heal after a mass shooting, with the city just four months out from the attack at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin.

So a few days after the shocking attack in Newtown, Ct. that left 26 dead, Oak Creek officials reached out to leaders of the community to offer whatever help and advice they can.

Mayor Steve Scaffidi said he reached out to the Newtown's first selectman, which is the chief executive and administrative officer of the town. In his own experience, Scaffidi said he focused on making something positive out of a negative situation—and continues to do so.

Police Chief John Edwards said in an MSNBC interview that he left a message for the town's police chief and talked to some of the dispatchers about what they went through.

The trauma first responders endure can sometimes have lifelong impacts, Edwards said, and they will need help getting through it.

"I can't imagine what those first responders went through in Newtown when they walked into those classrooms," Edwards said. "I don't even want to think about it or try to picture it."

vocal local 1 December 20, 2012 at 09:51 AM
Remember at the temple, at first there were reports of four persons with guns. In Newtown two maybe three. We've seen the video of the police chasing a man thru the trees and capturing him. We've also seen the video of the child who said he saw a man handcuffed on the ground as he was being led from the school to the firehouse. Could have been the same man who was running thru the trees but why would one not involved run? Here in OC the FBI was going to review the security video from the temple only to find out in later reports that it wasn't on. In Newtown FBI examined Adam's computer assuring the public their experts could and would find info on the hard drive. Yesterday, they reported the Hard Drive was too damaged by a hammer and knife to capture any data. My computer whiz friends tell me the only way to totally destroy data on a hard drive is with high temperature exposure. The dads of both the shooter in Colorado and Newtown are both scheduled to testify before congress on LIBOR. In the WI, CO, and Conn cases mind control of the shooters suspicion has been raised. Sorry folks I'm a paranoid American that believes in conspiracy theories and have no credibility. At least I think, Do you? How long are you going to allow your government to lie to you to keep truths from the public when our children are being killed? THINK AND DEMAND AND BY ALL MEANS GET OFF THE COUCH AND VOTE. Lastly give a 25 dollar gift of freedom for Christmas, join the NRA 1-877-NRA-2000


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