Patch Picks: Essential Fourth of July

What do you need to celebrate the Fourth of July in spectacular fashion this Monday? Look no further.

There's nothing more American than the Fourth of July. There is perhaps no greater cause for celebration in this country than our Independence Day. Everybody celebrates their own way: some watch fireworks. some go to parades and some grill out with friends and family. One thing everyone has in common though is their desire to show off their patriotic spirit. So, how do you best show that you're a proud American?

1. The Flag:

The Red, White and Blue. Old Glory. The Star-Spangled Banner. No matter what you call it, it's the United States' most patriotic symbol. Make sure to show your American pride by raising your flag this Monday. And for those that have their's raised year-round - there's no reason you can't put more on display. Adorn your walkways with miniature American flags or decorate a cake with the The Stars and Stripes. There's real opportunity for you to get creative with this one.

2. Sparklers:

Fireworks are illegal in Milwaukee County, but no one is going to begrudge you a few sparklers. Light those suckers up and wave them around like it's nobody's business. However, despite the fact that sparklers are relatively benign, they can still burn, so please be careful.

3. Lawn Chairs:

Perhaps not the most exciting item on the list, but nevertheless one that will help you celebrate to the utmost. Early weather reports indicate that Monday will be warm and mostly sunny, so you'll most likely want to be hanging around outside grilling, going to parades or watching the fireworks from the Middle School or elsewhere. You might also substitute with some sort of picnic blanket, just as long as you're out of the dirt and comfy.

4. Music:

Do you like American music? I like American music. Nothing gets the juices flowing on the Fourth of July like a some great, homegrown tunes. From Ray Charles' "America the Beautiful" to Springstein's "Born in the U.S.A.", every generation will surely have their own preferences, but that's okay because there's plenty to go around.

5. Grilling Supplies:

Eating things off of a grill on the Fourth of July is as American as apple pie (you also might consider picking up some apple pie). It doesn't matter what your preference is - fish, chicken, hotdogs, brats, veggie burgers, charcoal, propane - just as long as you ingest something with grill lines on it. Make sure to remember your skewers, aprons, spatulas and maybe even a little something to wash everything down with. 


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