Family Not Required

We are attempting to fix out country from the top; while we corrupt and pervert the basic unit of our communities.

I have long claimed in both my blogs and comments here on Patch that liberal agenda to ‘free’ the US from traditional way of living, is leading to the destruction of the nuclear family.  From the advancement of single motherhood via feminism, treating sex as an extracurricular sport in the public schools, the excuses made for the dehumanizing of women in the inner cities, the acceptance of co-habitation verses marriage and even the demand that we must accept the gay lifestyle; each one stands as lubricant to the slippery slope argument of nuclear family destruction.  However, when taken as a whole, the slope no longer requires each behavior as a lubricant since culture begins to slide down hill on its own.  Recently in a New York Times article, Making a Child, Without the Couple, the final piece of the puzzle has been put into place. 

As it turns out, there is a growing fashion trend (as I would like to point out that this appears in the Fashion & Style section of the paper) in which women who want a family without the commitment, are finding men wanting children without the burden of a wife.  According to the article, women, having been propagated to believe professional success is happiness, are finding that spending the time to develop the bonds required for a ‘traditional’ family tend to interfere with career advancement.  So instead, these women, having been told that professional accomplishments equates to happiness, go out looking from men willing to donate sperm.  For as it turns out, unlike a BMW, children of your own genetic family line do not come pre-assembled.  Yet, how does a woman go about this without being dreadfully awkward amongst friends? 

Thankfully, the article is more then happy to point out a number of websites willing to procure for you the perfect non-romantic, non-sexual partner able to assist in the creation of your stunning Gucci McChild.  These websites act like the Autotrader.com of the living accessory world.  Simply log in, determine which options you would like your future living accessory equipped with genetically, based on the donors picture and background, and proceed to the checkout.  

Oddly enough, the majority of men willing to engage in this practice are homosexual men who feel they are missing out on the family experience.  I say odd, because wouldn’t a sexual determination from birth that causes a man to reject heterosexual relations evolve into something that also prevents the desire for family?  They would seem to go hand in hand.  But I digress…. 

We have taken the traditional nuclear family, 1Dad + 1Mom + 2.5Children = Family, and re-assembled the equation under the assumption that some or all of the variables are interchangeable.  Now according to the fashion section of the New York Times, we can eliminate the equation completely.  

Some will say, ‘Who Cares?’, ‘Live and let live.’.  It is not that easy.  What exactly are we teaching the future generations about commitment or personal restraint?  How do you explain the importance of family when we our own perverted sense of family reads as follows: 

1Mom(5 days per week) / 1Dad(2days per week) = Family 


1Mom + 1Mom + 1/2Dad’s seed – Dad = Family 


1Dad + 1Dad + Rental Fees of Female Uterus – Mom = Family


1Dad + 4(1Mom + Children) = Family

 You are teaching the future generations that self want is the basis for existence.  These families are no longer created for the advancement of children; rather they are a formula adults are using as bench marks in a ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ society.  Family can now be produced without love, in order to quench our own insecurities with the false veneer of happiness.

 Prior to societal acceptance of single motherhood, teen sex, no nuclear family in the inner cities and gay rights; did these thing exist?  Of course they did.  The difference was as a country we chastised that behavior, treated it as immoral and produced for further generations a distinct right and wrong way to live.  Yet, our cultural recognition of these lifestyles as permissible removes the ability to make distinction regarding the morality of family creation.  When dismissal of clear cut boundaries between right and wrong occur, then fewer and fewer actions can be deemed as wrong. 

In the end, what can be done?  Our society has chosen the path of least resistance and embraced the materialistic, credit card desires associated with a people motivated by narsissistic personalities.  Selfless considerations, such our impact on children with respect to our own lifestyle decisions, have been abandoned as more and more choices, once deemed traditional unacceptable, become permissible.  From top to bottom, our society will never begin to repair its cultural corruption unless we as people re-establish the traditional, 1Dad + 1Mom + Children = Family, as the one and only path to the legitimate family. 

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Bob McBride February 24, 2013 at 05:39 PM
While attempting to fix things and subsequently creating further problems in the process isn't limited, exclusively, to the government, the general scope of actions of that nature taken by the government tends to be enormous. Which is why I shudder every time I hear they're going to "fix" something, broke or not. I don't want to go around and around on ACA again, but perhaps this example might explain why I'm not particularly jazzed over that piece of legislation, either...
Pj February 24, 2013 at 06:51 PM
Ok very interesting view points, but how does 1 Mom + 1 Dad = 2.5 kids sounds like the new math they teach in school, so r we rounding up or down?
Lika Phipps February 25, 2013 at 10:05 PM
I get it. I do. But, what is wrong with a woman who wants financial independence? There are also those of us who put that first, and are still unmarried, or, if so, were too old to start having children. Financially the couple (not family) are stable. My sister is a very successful OB/GYN, who still likes to go kayaking, hiking, skiing, etc, and she has traveled far and wide. Does this mean she didn't want a family? Sure, she did, She accepts the fact that she put her professional goals first. I, on the other hand, settled down, had children, and trying to survive in this poor economy, and while I would love to travel far and wide, that doesn't mean I'd give up my child. I am a proud mom, and life is about sacrifices. Of course if you have enough money, you can buy a lot of stuff. Slavery is banned, but, a wealthy person still can hire a maid, cook, chauffeur, etc... As long as the parties agree to the terms, it's fine. On the other hand, I don't see what is wrong with having 2 dads and a children or 2 moms and a child. As long as the parents, regardless of gender combination, are stable people who provide a safe and happy home for our children, that is the utmost important thing. I'm not saying toss out the Bible, faith, or personal responsibilities. Upstanding people are that, who should not be discriminated against. With every set of responsibilities, come some rights, eg- I have the responsibility to raise my son properly, my right how I do it.
Lika Phipps February 25, 2013 at 10:10 PM
Lyle, just a question... Since Jesus came, not to change Gd's law, but to show how we abide by it, how is it that so many eat from the cloven foot, fish with no scales, etc? Wouldn't those rules be in just as much effect as not cooking the kid in it's own mother's milk? I'm just asking...
Randy1949 February 25, 2013 at 11:30 PM
@Lika Phipps -- Most Christians no longer follow any of the dietary laws, from cheeseburgers to ham to lobster. However, many observant Jews still so. I'm assuming that someone who abstains from cheeseburgers because of the mixing of meat and dairy will not eat bacon either.


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