Patch Takes On 9Round's 30-Minute Workout

After covering last week's opening, I was invited to try out the new gym for myself.

This past Friday, I returned to to redeem my free workout (everyone can try once at no cost) and let me tell you - it was quite an experience.

I'll preface this by mentioning that my current fitness level ranks somewhere near mediocre. I'm no athlete, but neither am I a couch potato.

By the time I'd finished round 2 - which features various squat and dip exercises - I knew I was going to be pushed.

As I got deeper in the boxing-kickboxing rounds, my arms became increasingly heavy, my lungs burned and my movements had slowed considerably. However, Drew was there to keep me motivated through every station.

I never felt pressured to push my pace beyond my current capabilities, but my cardiovascular limits were certainly reached.

In the end, I was exhausted. 30 minutes at this kind of pace was definitely enough for me to feel like I'd gotten a great workout. "Does anyone go a full 18 rounds?" I asked. "Not often" was Drew's reply and I believe him.

The going was tough, but the rounds were pretty fun in retrospect - especially the heavy-bags specifically designed for upper-cuts and knee-strikes. And even though I was catching my breath the whole way home, 9Round's set-up is definitely something I'd consider doing on a regular basis.

Even as I write this, there is still some soreness; each new day brings new and unique aftershocks and aches, but fitness isn't really about comfort, is it? I find that I'm not always able to push myself to uncomfortable levels during a workout and that's probably why I'm in mediocre shape as opposed to great shape.

9Round Oak Creek will push you. Having Drew there the whole way gave me a real personal trainer experience and at the rates they're offering, that's certainly a steal.

The gym is currently offering a membership special - $29.95 per month with no fees to join. This offer expires after their official


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