Alleged Drug Dealer Tries, Fails To Escape Cops

A 36-year-old Milwaukee man allegedly sold marijuana to an undercover Oak Creek police officer and then tried to escape by jumping on the hood of a car.

A 36-year-old Milwaukee man is facing charges after he allegedly sold marijuana to an undercover police officer at an Oak Creek motel, then tried to escape by jumping onto the hood of a friend's car.

Dwight Anthony Vaughn Jr. was charged in Milwaukee County Circuit Court Monday with delivery of a controlled substance, possession with intent to deliver marijuana and obstructing an officer.

If convicted, he faces up to eight years in prison and $30,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

On July 9, an Oak Creek police officer was working undercover at the , 6360 S. 13th St., where Vaughn was staying. Vaughn agreed to sell him marijuana, saying he had a guy who could get him two bags. A short time later, Vaughn contacted the officer again and sold him a bag for $20.

When the officer asked about the other bag, Vaughn said his source could only get the one. The officer then identified himself as a cop, but Vaughn said he didn't believe him and began to walk away.

A blue Jaguar was idling in the parking lot and officers suspected it was connected to Vaughn, who then ran to the car. The undercover officer beat him to the vehicle before he could get in, so Vaughn jumped on the hood and signaled for the driver to take off.

The officer was able to knock Vaughn off the hood. Vaughn then ran around the car, jumped on the trunk and again signaled for the driver to leave. The car began to move, but the officer knocked him off the car once more.

The driver of the car did a U-Turn in the parking lot so he was facing other officers who arrived at the scene. He then stopped and was approached by police.

Vaughn had another bag of marijuana in his pocket along with three cell phones. Officers searched his hotel room and found multiple bindles of heroin stashed in a light.

Vaughn is currently being held in Milwaukee County Jail on $350 bond. 


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