Ducklings Rescued From Sewer, Reunited With Mother

Police and an anonymous citizen rescued 10 ducklings from a storm drain on the Noodles property and returned them to the Miller Park pond.

How's this for "Awwww"?

Ten ducklings stuck in a storm drain Friday night were rescued with the help of Oak Creek police and an anonymous citizen.

And while the mother duck flew away, she was reunited with her ducklings the following day.

According to the police department logbook:

The ducks were trapped on the Noodles and Company property, 8581 S. Howell Ave., about 8:05 p.m.

The couldn't respond due to high traffic volume on Howell Avenue, and the Humane Society was not available due to the time of night.

So an officer and an anonymous citizen went to work and eventually collected all 10 of the ducklings from the drain. 

However, by that time, the mother duck flew away. The ducklings were then conveyed to the , 301 W. Ryan Road.

The next morning, they were taken to the pond at , 315 E. Groveland Drive, where they were released.

And, yes, reunited with their mother.

Kat July 16, 2012 at 09:09 PM
How did they know it was the mother? They should have called the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center...it's in the same building as the Wisconsin Humane Society. They probably have people "on call" that could have helped.


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