FBI Stays Mum on Temple Shooter

A report this week in the Los Angeles Times says the FBI has no plans to release more information about Wade Michael Page or the Sikh temple shooting investigation.

A story in Wednesday's Los Angeles Times says the Milwaukee FBI office is staying quiet about Wade Michael Page, the man who killed six members of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin and wounded four others Aug. 5.

The FBI's Nov. 20 announcement that it concluded its investigation shed no new light about Page or the shootings. That left many in the Sikh community "disappointed," Amardeep Kaleka told the Times. Kaleka's father, temple president Satwant Singh Kaleka, died in the attack.

An FBI spokesman told the Times that Page had no clear motive and the agency did not want to speculate on why he targeted the temple that day. He declined to answer questions about whether Page had substance-abuse problems or showed signs of instability.

Read the whole Times story here.

Last week's school shooting in Newtown, Ct. has renewed the debate about the causes of mass shootings and how to prevent them.

In an interview last month, Kaleka told Patch that's what he and is brother, Pardeep, are focusing on.

"We probably think about this situation more than anybody on this planet. We are so affected," he said. "Me and my brother have vowed to try to figure it out and try to help the nation move forward so that this never happens again."

vocal local 1 December 22, 2012 at 12:51 PM
Moving forward certainly isn't supporting taking 2nd amendment rights away which is what we've seen come out of the Sikh community, Southern Law Center, Jessie Jackson, David Myers, faith based initiatives, President Obama and elected officials as a whole..Joe Biden is now going to draft gun restriction laws. Remember, Biden wrote the original Patriot Act adopted by Bush prior to Oklahoma City. I see similarity between Mc Veigh and Page don't you? Moving forward isn't supporting FBI ideology that the shooting at the temple was a racist hate crime without evidence. It is a fact that the evidence doesn't support HATE CRIME. Page didn't shoot randomly. He targeted Temple Leaders. He didn't shoot any of the numerous children playing inside or outside of the temple. Page killed one of many women present in the Temple that day. What debate about cause of mass shootings are Kaleka and his brother, Pardeep engaged in? I wasn't aware of any debate and without identification and recognition of cause we cannot move forward into prevention. Kaleka and Pardeep and our OC Mayor and Chief of Police should demand the FBI release the file in tact. OC public hasn't been involved in any debate we haven't had any discussion. A whole lot of tax dollars were spent on an FBI cover-up is my best guess. What is the FBI hiding? Their paid to investigate for us now give us the information. Smoke and Mirrors. I'd love to write more but the press would remove the comment. Only in America.


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