Friday Power Outage Root Of Four-Vehicle Wreck, Injury

Driver didn't realize traffic signals were no longer flashing red, according to police.

The wet and heavy snow , and that contributed to a four-vehicle accident at the intersection of Howell and Ryan.

According to an report:

Due to an outage, the traffic signals at the intersection were flashing red so that vehicles would treat it as a four-way stop.

Just after 5 p.m., the power came back on and the stoplights went back to operating normally. North/south traffic had a green light and east/west traffic had a red light.

However, the driver of a vehicle on Ryan Road didn't realize the stoplights had switched back and went through a red light. The vehicle hit two cars going northbound on Howell Avenue, and one of those vehicles then pushed into a fourth vehicle turning southbound onto Howell.

The driver of the fourth vehicle, a 27-year-old woman, complained of neck and shoulder pain and had to be extricated by the , which removed the driver's side door.

Her vehicle sustained severe damage and was towed.

The extent of her injuries was not known.

DrMom March 07, 2012 at 04:49 PM
So what your basically saying is that the driver that hit the other car saw the red light, irregarless of whether they were all flashing or not. When they changed to working and his remained red he continued to go through it and hit the other car. Now you have a 27 y/o woman that had to be removed from a car that I assumed was totaled while in extreme pain to the neck and shoulder. He is lucky that she didn't injure her neck so bad as to damage the nerve to her diaphragm and thus cause her to stop breathing and kill her before they could recue her.


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