Temple Shooting 'Person of Interest' Struggling to Live Down Fame

FoxNews.com caught up with the man whose picture was splashed all over the media the day after the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shootings.

FoxNews.com spoke with the man who the FBI named a "person of interest" the morning after the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shootings.

The man, identified only as Eric, told Fox News he showed up near the scene along with many media members and bystanders "out of curiousity" and shot some video.

But some found him suspicious and one person snapped a photo of him. That photo was released at the Oak Creek police station and splashed all over the media.

Law enforcement officials said repeatedly they believed Wade Michael Page was the lone shooter and only wanted to speak with the man in the picture. After finding Eric later Monday, the FBI announced that Eric was cleared.

But the man told Fox News he has been forced to hide out ever since because many still believe he is connected with Page, a man Eric said he has never met.

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