Police Transform Seized Vehicle Into Unique New Squad Car

The car, seized by police after a drug deal, will make its debut at Wednesday's Fourth of July parade. And it won't look like any other Oak Creek police car.

A new Oak Creek squad car will debut at the Fourth of July parade Wednesday morning.

But it's no an ordinary police car, in either look or history.

The car was seized after a drug deal and later awarded to the . But the department decided to separate it from the other cars in the fleet by making it into a display car, with a unique design and painting.

While it will be present at community events like the Fourth of July and National Night Out, it's not just for looks. Police Chief John Edwards said the department will use the car regularly in traffic enforcement.

Importantly, the process to transform the car is costing taxpayers nothing, Edwards said.

The car itself didn't cost anything, and two area businesses, Signs & Lines by Stretch in Waukesha and Sinister Airworkx (through ) in Oak Creek, donated the resources to fix it up.

Residents can get a glimpse of the car at the start of Wednesday's event -- it will be the second vehicle in the Fourth of July parade.


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