Sheriff's Dept. Releases 911 Calls From Temple Shooting

Recordings show the terror and chaos during the Aug. 5 attack. Some calls came from those inside the temple, and others came from neighbors.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday released 911 calls taken during the Aug. 5 shooting at the in Oak Creek.

Patch's media partners at Fox 6 have the recordings, which you can find here.

The calls give an idea of the kind of terror and chaos during the Aug. 5 attack — you can hear gunshots in the background of one.

Multiple calls came from people hiding inside the temple. They spoke in hushed tones, unsure if shooters were still there.

Calls also came in from neighbors, including one on Manitoba Avenue who was attending to a victim.

The Oak Creek police and fire departments have not yet released recordings of their 911 calls. Officials said previously that video taken from Oak Creek squad cars is expected to be released the week of Aug. 27.


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