Better Lighting Coming For College Avenue

Newly-reconstructed College Avenue features several gaps in street lighting.

If you've driven down the newly-reconstructed College Avenue east of Howell Avenue at night, you may have noticed that street lighting tends to come and go.

There is a gap in lighting after the Howell intersection, and then another after the tunnel, and after the railroad tracks, and after the roundabout. It doesn't make it easy on the eyes to constantly adjust and readjust.

Milwaukee County plans to fix that problem by installing lighting on College between Howell and Pennsylvania avenues. County officials said in a letter the street lighting will increase safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

The Oak Creek Common Council earlier this week approved an agreement to own and maintain the lighting from the tunnel to Howell Avenue once it is installed.

Milwaukee County is installing the lighting at an estimated cost of $300,000; Oak Creek's cost share is about $12,000, plus an estimated $125 per month in utility costs.

An installation date was not specified.

The new-and-improved College Avenue, which expanded to a four-lane boulevard, .


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