City Hall/Library Decision Could Come Tonight

Relocating two civic buildings on council agenda.

As expected, adopting a plan for the future location of the Oak Creek city hall and library is on the agenda for Tuesday's Common Council meeting.

What will happen is anyone's guess. Oak Creek's top non-elected officials want to move the library and city hall to the former Delphi property, 7929 S. Howell Ave., but reaction from council members has been mixed.

Here are the four plans the council will choose from:

  • keep the buildings at the Civic Center site, at the corner of Puetz and Howell; 
  • keep the city hall where it is but build a new library at the former Delphi site;
  • keep the city hall where it is, build a new library at Delphi, and support, in concept, for 50 acres of Oak Creek-Franklin School District-owned land on Oakwood Road. The Oakwood land would then be exchanged for seven acres of Wispark-owned land at Delphi for the purpose of constructing a library.
  • build both the city hall and the library at Delphi and support the aforementioned land swaps.

The land swap component is tricky because the school board still has not officially agreed to it. Board members were mixed last week.

The council could choose to delay a vote if it is still undecided or feels issues still need to be sorted out.

Tuesday's meeting is set to begin at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 8640 S. Howell Ave.

jerry February 07, 2012 at 06:35 PM
To WHOM; "I Would be very careful as to giving up 50 acres of Oak Creek-FRANKLIN SCHOOL DISTRICT-owned land on OAKWOOD ROAD. Thanx!
Jill Schlidt February 07, 2012 at 09:11 PM
I agree. What if they do want to build a second high school someday...?
Dan Vitek February 07, 2012 at 09:43 PM
This whole deal sounds fishy, wepark is sure pushing It, guess because they are the ones to gain and the taxpayers stands to get the shaft . the city to trade the school for the land on the city hall .libary fire house complex of 12 acres for 50 arcres that the school owns , who gains wepark of course and I would bet it wont take long for them to force the farmer off his land , For some reasone are elected officials are blind to what they are doing or in bed with wepark . We have plenty of land next to the police dept to put up a new library and city hall , then sell the 12 aces to pay down the coast ..As far as the delphie site NO MORE APARTMENTS IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE INDUSTERIAL SITE TO CREATE JOBS thats is way Dexriel was to be widen , thats is what they claimed at the time .it was propesed .
Big Wave February 08, 2012 at 05:14 AM
The beauty of US democracy is that citizens are allowed to express their opinion through the electoral process. That is the case everywhere but Oak Creek. Tonight, the unelected Mayor chose to cast the tie-breaking vote in the much debated issue of where to build the new city hall and library that will shape the city for the next 50 to 75 years. The deciding vote was cast by the unelected Mayor who was appointed, not elected, due to the recent death of elected Mayor Bolender. The vote was taken when Alderman Michalski apparently became tired of the debate of the topic and abruptly made a motion to adopt the plan of moving both the library and city hall to the Delphi site. He made the motion while Alderman Scaffidi was asking whether a vote should even be taken due to unanswered questions. Although, three aldermen, including Scaffidi, opposed taking a vote tonight, Michalski refused to table a vote sensing the “fix” was in, knowing the unelected Mayor would make the tie breaking vote. Prior to the vote it became apparent that three of the six alderman favored Michalski’s chose and the unelected Mayor has clearly made his choice known. It is just a shame Alderman Michalski, Alderman Gehl (who seconded the motion) and our unelected Mayor all appear to believe the ends justify the means.


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