City To Replace Two Tornado Sirens

Officials say old technology and the unavailability of parts have made the sirens obsolete.

The city of Oak Creek will replace aging tornado sirens at the Little League complex and near the intersection of Howell Avenue and Ryan Road.

The Oak Creek Common Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday on a $73,854 bid from the American Signal Corporation to replace both sirens. The money would come from funds the city gets from hosting the We Energies power plant.

The sirens are about 20 years old, and old technology and unavailability of parts has made them obsolete, according to a report to council members. Officials say the sirens are a vital part of warning residents about severe storms and other emergency situations.

The other siren in Oak Creek, at 2651 E. Ryan Road, was replaced last year.

SoccerMom February 04, 2013 at 10:56 PM
I would just love to be able to hear the sirens from our house -- doesn't do us much good....
OC Has No Future February 05, 2013 at 09:12 PM
Great, let's dip into the We Energies fund for another overpriced sweetheart contract.
vocal local 1 February 09, 2013 at 02:11 PM
"The money would come from funds the city gets from hosting the We Energies power plant." Patch reporter, Mark Schaarf sure likes to mislead the readers. It's my understanding that there isn't any money left over from the Public Utility funds we receive from the state paid for by We Energies based on the capacity of each unit, new and old, as it is all scheduled to pay debt. We no longer have a Capital Improvement Fund. All Capital Improvements are financed increasing the debt. Half the 2.25 million Mitigation funding goes to police and fire and the other half into the general fund which I suspect then is used for ever rising personnel costs. OC citizen's have been ripped off again as Mitigation funding was to be spent on protecting the residents from fall out from the plant which includes but is not limited to the bad wells on County Line and Elm. If and when We Energies is found to be the cause of the problem per seepage from the fly ash the city will face bankruptcy. City has received apx. 22.5 million dollars and spent it on employees not the residents. City will be forced to extend water infra-structure and pay the residents costs including closure of existing well costs. Plus, the city will most likely face lawsuits from Caledonia, Raymond, Wind Lake and other communities effected. OC's future is debt and rising taxes. WHAT DO YOU GET FOR YOUR TAX DOLLARS?


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