Council Gives Final Approval to Land Swaps

Wispark gets 50 acres on Oakwood Road, the school district gets land for a high school expansion and elementary school, and the city now owns part of the Delphi site.

The Oak Creek Common Council gave a final sign-off to a set of land swaps in which the Oak Creek-Franklin School District gets the Civic Center site, Wispark a 50-acre property near Oakwood and Howell and the city a seven-acre site at Delphi.

The council previously signaled its support for the plan when it approved relocating the city hall and library, and aldermen unanimously passed the measure Tuesday night, just a few hours before election results came in.

In addition to the Civic Center site, which Oak Creek-Franklin school officials plan to use for an expansion of , the district also got 16 acres off Drexel Avenue for a future elementary school.

School officials have said neither project, which require a referendum, is imminent.

The city will build a library and city hall at the Delphi site, while Wispark plans to use the 50 acres on Oakwood for a business park.

The Common Council also approved requesting nearly $1.9 million in grants that would help offset the costs of redevelopment of the Delphi and lakefront.

Aldermen and top city officials have said obtaining grants is a key part of their efforts to redevelop those sites and believe they will cover at least a portion of the clean-up costs.

Resident of O.C. Paul April 05, 2012 at 01:14 PM
I looked at Google Earth, and the high school has plenty of land to it's east to expand, yeah, it would mean taking over the east parking lot, but they could have moved the parking lot east using 1 of the 3 baseball fields, but they could have expanded east. And the city hall could have been expanded, there is plenty of room around it, or they could have added on a second story if space was that badly needed. Instead the city wants to stoke it's ego by building something new just for the sake of having a new building. I realize the city is looking into getting grants to offset the cost of redevelopment, but that will only cover a percentage of the millions required. Where do you think the rest will come from?... Yep, that's right, the pockets of the taxpayers, don't be surprised if our property taxes go up in the next 5-10 years, all thanks to Wis Park/We Energies, and people in the city government that think the city's coffers are bottomless, and need to have their egos stoked.
Mike in OC April 05, 2012 at 02:18 PM
the whole timing of the vote stinks... doing it on election night. im not a big conspiracy guy but i wonder if they thought the outcomes of the elections were going to be significantly different than what the results were.
Resident of O.C. Paul April 05, 2012 at 02:59 PM
That was my thought about the common council meeting too.
vocal local 1 April 06, 2012 at 07:40 AM
I estimate the council passed 150 million of debt financing Tuesday night. Delphi Clean up 20 million. City hall Library demolition and clean up X million. Hwy 100 expansion 4 million. New City Hall and Library 35 million. Carrollville/lakefront 50 million. Wis Park PTF 20 million. Wis Park Partnerships X Million. 2 fire stations 7 million at 3.5 each. Current streets and police building debt 12 million. Add the financing costs. Deduct the tax loss on the tax breaks the city has given Wis Park. AND remember the original land swap with MMSD was illegal. The city of OC Bolender et al conspired with WisPark and ripped off a Milwaukee County taxation agency for about 18 million of tax payer dollars. WHY? Who got paid under the table on that one is what I'd like to know.


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