Database: How Much Did Your Neighbors Give to Obama, Romney?

Mitt Romney is ahead in the Oak Creek funding race, though a higher number of people are giving to Barack Obama.

While polls show President Barack Obama may have more support from Wisconsin voters than candidate Mitt Romney, the studies also show the gap getting slightly closer.

A Marquette University poll shows Obama leading Romney, 53 percent to 42 percent, different than the 54 percent to 40 percent lead Obama held in mid-September. 

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Oak Creek residents have given $7,885 to Romney and $3,799 to Obama through Aug. 31. The number of contributions varied widely — there were 79 individual contributions to Obama from Oak Creek residents and 12 to Romney. 

The largest single donor on either side was Michael B. Mazur, who is self-employed; he made two $2,500 donations to Romney. Obama's largest single donation from Oak Creek was $500 given by Will Allen, the founder and CEO of Growing Power, Inc.

Use this interactive database to learn more about which presidential candidates are getting money from Wisconsin residents. This database includes more than 25,000 individual contributions Wisconsin residents made to the two candidates through August. When searching by name, results will appear for all names that contain what you listed. For example, entering "son" in the last name field would bring up last names of Anderson, Ericson and Matson, and entering "Ander" would bring up Andersons and Andersens.

The data, which is from the Federal Elections Commission, does not include contributions to political action committees or other outside groups.

Resident of O.C. Paul October 10, 2012 at 01:07 PM
I don't give candidates one penny, most seeking higher level government positions (governor, senate, congressional, and presidential seats) are rich enough to fund their own campaign, and if they can't, well then they shouldn't be seeking the office. Besides, some of these people stretch too far to get your vote...commercials every commercial break on the TV...most people that are really into a TV show will watch the show from start to finish...no need to show the commercials for candidates more than once during the show. Besides, all the commercials show is the candidates bashing one another instead of telling us what they are going to do...It gets very old very quick.


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