Delphi Acquisition Is Done

Wispark closes on $8 million deal.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Business Journal are reporting that Wispark has closed on the sale of the 85-acre Delphi property, 7929 S. Howell Ave.

The closing has been expected for some time and was delayed by a little more than a month.

Oak Creek previously committed $2 million toward the purchase, which totaled $8 million. spells out the entire development agreement approved back in March.

City officials are still progressing with plans for a mixed-use development. Multiple scenarios were , and a third public meeting is expected to be held this fall.

Dan Vitek August 19, 2011 at 06:29 PM
It seems that Wspark is buying this city pc by pc and the Mayor is in lock step with it ,rember last year when they bought the land on Howell and Oakwood for less then the city bought it for from the county and then the Mayor tried to kick the eldery farmer off his land with some trump up charge.We do not need to have a bunch of small strip malls on that pc of land and the City in no way needs to spend money on a city hall complex to stroke the Mayors ego QUESTION AND WHY DO THE TAXPAYERS HAVE TO LOAN WSPARK 2 MILLION DOLLORS TO CEMENT THE DEAL?? WE NEED A TAX BASE AND IN THE BUSNESS SECTION OF THE PAPER ON FRI. AUG 2ND jOHNSON CONTROLS IS LOOKING TO EXPAND AND LOOKING FOR A SITE AND WOULD HIRE 300 PLUS PEOPLE .Why are we not courting them ?? It seems all we get from the city planer is a fast food place now we are getting a noodles and company Maybe we need a change at city hall and hire sombody that knows what they are doing and for get out of the fast food. business .


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