Election Results: Michalski Narrowly Wins Re-Election

Many other races were decided Tuesday besides mayor. The results included Steve Taylor's election to the Milwaukee County Board and Sheryl Cerniglia's return to the Oak Creek-Franklin School Board.

A lot of races on Oak Creek residents' ballots made for a long election night Tuesday.

But when the dust settled, all three Oak Creek aldermen facing re-election prevailed, a political newcomer won the city clerk job and a familar face returned to the Oak Creek-Franklin School Board.

Those were just a few of the results from Tuesday. Voters also picked the city treasurer, their representative to the Milwaukee County Board and voted in the Republican presidential primary and county comptroller and judicial races.


In the 6th District, encompassing the southwest side of the city, incumbent Alderman Tom Michalski staved off challenger Chris Guzikowski, winning by a 19-vote margin.

According to unofficial results, Michalski got 51 percent of the vote (372 votes) compared to Guzikowski's 49 percent (353).

Michalski finished a , when he was also running for mayor, but came back to retain his seat and win another two-year term.

Two other aldermen won back their seats a little more comfortably.

2nd District Alderman Dan Bukiewicz (494 votes) defeated challenger Zachary Johnson (236) with 68 percent of the vote.

4th District Alderman Michael Toman (825 votes) earned 73 percent of the vote against challenger Rosemarie Annonson (307) and write-in candidate Steve Kuzma (65).

In the race for Oak Creek city clerk, Catherine Roeske (3,571 votes) beat out LeAnn Launstein (2,545) with 58 percent of the vote.

Roeske was in her first run for public office, while Launstein is a former Milwaukee County supervisor who was recalled in 2002 following the county pension scandal.

Barbara Guckenberger (3,794 votes) won another term as Oak Creek city treasurer, getting 64 percent of the vote against challenger Tony Paladino (2,141).

School, county

The exact totals were a little unclear late Tuesday, but Kathleen Borchardt was the top vote-getter in the race for Oak Creek-Franklin School Board and Sheryl Cerniglia is back after a one-year absence.

Cerniglia finished second ahead of Brian Kaminski, who was appointed to the board in December. Residents voted for two of the three candidates.

The school district includes part of Franklin; those totals were not available to Oak Creek Patch late Tuesday but WTMJ-TV reported that Cerniglia finished with 3,043 votes, ahead of Kaminski with 2,864.

In the race for Milwaukee County supervisor, Franklin Alderman Steve Taylor (5,083 votes) got 57 percent of the vote to defeat Oak Creek Alderman Ken Gehl (3,882), according to Fox 6.

Gehl edged Taylor in Oak Creek by 86 votes, but Taylor dominated in Franklin and Hales Corners to win the seat.

Look for more on these races as well as other results Wednesday on Oak Creek Patch.

Dan Vitek April 04, 2012 at 07:36 PM
The liberial dems at work . ,Michalski is a big union goon also signed the recall on Walkers. Look at the fat kiss he gave the O.C. workers . He also had Bolender appointment him to the M.A.T.C. BOARD AND LOOK AT THE DEAL THEY GOT GETTING PAID MORE THE A PROFESSER AT U.W.M.
Down in OC April 04, 2012 at 08:22 PM
He kissed the workers?
OC Knights Fan April 05, 2012 at 02:53 AM
OC Mike - Multiple reasons: 1. At the time of the primary, Michalski was focused on becoming Mayor, not Alderman, so he did very little promotion on the Alderman side. 2. Once Michalski lost the Mayoral primary, he changed his focus to his 2nd choice (yes, we, his represented 6th District constituents, were his 2nd choice - which makes me feel real good). Since then, he has made a blitz of promotion for keeping his Alderman seat. That blitz included, the non-elected Mayor making a recorded message that was then called to all of us in the 6th District. Having the current Mayor endorse an Alderman seems to be a big conflict of interest to me, but evidently there is no rule/law saying Foeckler could not do it and 300+ 6th District voters seem to see nothing wrong with it. 3. Only 391 people voted in the primary (Guzikowski 215, Michalski 147 & Reader 29) versus 725 voters in this general election (Guzikowski 353 and Michalski 372) - # 2 above definitely had an impact. 4. Not nearly enough registered voters get out an vote....Oak Creek had a 37.42% overall registered voter turn out yesterday (http://www.oakcreekwi.org/clerk/pdf/040312_UnofficialResults.pdf) - it is very easy to lose an election by 20 votes when only 37.42% of the registered voters vote.... ...and the % of eligible voters is probably closer to 30% because the city of Oak Creek reports there are only 19,340 registered voters, out of 30,000 citizens???
OC Knights Fan April 05, 2012 at 02:55 AM
So now the 6th District continues on for another 2 years WITHOUT being represented by our Alderman. Because, even though Tom Michalski says he listens to, and votes for, his constituents , he does NOT! Tom's quote from Oak Creek Now on February 7, 2012 - "Hopefully, residents agree with the decisions. If they don't, they have avenues to let me know I've gone the wrong way or the right way." So AFTER Tom votes in favor of or against a piece of legislation, and we, his constituents, disagree with his vote, he will listen to our complaints.....That's a little too late, isn't it? Because he already voted for/against the legislation. Our Aldermen should be listening BEFORE the vote and then vote ACCORDING TO OUR WISHES, even if our wishes are different than said Alderman - the Alderman represents US, not himself/herself. But instead, Tom votes for himself and then uses the reasoning "It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission". We can only hope that in the next 2 years, Tom does not cause even more damage and that the 51% of the voters in our District can see/get to know what the other 49% of us already see/know.
Mike in OC April 05, 2012 at 01:16 PM
@oc knights fan .... good analysis and input. i've lived in his district for almost 6 years and have never run into him but i can assure you that he will be getting some calls from me as the city moves forward. it really was sad that we had such a low turnout in such an important election for this city.


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