Honadel Author of Controversial Mining Bill

Bill aimed at helping create jobs, but some concerned about environmental impact.

The Journal Sentinel yesterday published an interesting story about a business group lobbying for a mining bill that does not yet (officially) exist. As Erik Brooks writes in South Milwaukee Blog, state Rep. Mark Honadel is the author of the proposed legislation.

The bill would make it easier for iron ore mines to be approved and comes on the heels of two mining companies considering plans for new metallic mines in northern Wisconsin, according to the Small Business Times.

Proponents tout the job creation that would come along with the mines, but the bill would face stiff opposition from others, who worry about the environmental impact.

How did Honadel get involved? Brooks noted that although Honadel represents Milwaukee's South Shore and not northern Wisconsin, his district includes the world's largest mining equipment manufacturer, .

The Small Business Times story lays out why the bill would seemingly be on a fast track to become law, despite it needing approval from the state Department of Natural Resources. 

That is, if lawmakers ever get around to, you know, actually introducing it.


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