Honadel To Resign From State Legislature

Mark Honadel will step down from his state Assembly seat in mid-September.

Mark Honadel will resign his state Assembly seat in September. (Patch file photo)
Mark Honadel will resign his state Assembly seat in September. (Patch file photo)
State Rep. Mark Honadel has announced he will resign from the Legislature in September to "pursue an opportunity in the private sector." 

Honadel, a Republican who has represented Oak Creek and South Milwaukee in the state Assembly since winning a special election in 2003, released the following statement Tuesday afternoon:

"Today I am announcing my resignation from the Wisconsin State Assembly. I am proud to have represented the 21st Assembly District for ten years. I will be stepping down in mid-September to pursue an opportunity in the private sector. 

"It has been an extreme honor and pleasure to serve my constituents as their voice in Madison. On their behalf I helped enact significant reforms that balanced the state budget without raising taxes, held the line on property taxes, and created a state surplus. 

"I am pleased to have worked hard on many other meaningful bills that have benefited our state’s economy and way of life for the people of Wisconsin.  Most recently, The Mining for Jobs Act passed earlier this year will allow responsible and safe use of our natural resources and create thousands of good-paying jobs around our state. 

"I want to thank my colleagues on both sides of the aisle throughout my six sessions in the Assembly. I will always treasure my time serving with them to work on the pressing issues facing our state. 

"Finally, I want to thank my family, friends, and neighbors in the 21st Assembly District for their constant trust and support. Serving my state in this way has truly been a unique and special opportunity."

After Honadel's announcement, Oak Creek Mayor Steve Scaffidi told Patch he would seek the seat in a special election, which will likely be held sometime in late November or early December.

Colleagues praise Honadel
Honadel is a long-time presence in the Oak Creek-South Milwaukee area.

He grew up on his family's apple orchard in Oak Creek and graduated from Oak Creek High School. 

He later moved to South Milwaukee and worked as a welder and small businessman before running for the Assembly seat in a 2003 special election.

He went on to win re-election five times. His last victory in 2012, when he got 60 percent of the vote, was his most decisive.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Honadel's election in 2003 came at a time "some called the beginning of the property tax revolt," with Honadel making a property tax freeze the centerpiece of his campaign.

“He brought a wealth of knowledge as a small business owner to the public sector and became a voice for manufacturing, a critical industry of Wisconsin's economy," Vos said in a statement. "Mark will be missed in the Assembly by Democrats and Republicans alike; the private sector is lucky to have him back."

Republican state Rep. Bill Kramer, noting Honadel was also elected in the wake of the Milwaukee County pension scandal, said Honadel "represented a new wave of fiscally responsible politicians in and from Milwaukee County."

"I couldn't be happier for Mark as he pursues new opportunities outside of the Wisconsin State Assembly," Kramer said in a statement

Scaffidi also praised Honadel, saying he has served the district well for the past 10 years.

"He's accomplished a lot in his career," Scaffidi said.
kate August 27, 2013 at 04:06 PM
Good riddance
vocal local 1 August 27, 2013 at 06:04 PM
I feel betrayed. He's probably going to work for that bloody strip mining company that no one in the area wants as it's going to cost WI residents more in health and safety than it's worth. !,000's of good paying jobs? I don't think so. The company will bring in their own worker's. Balanced Walker Budget? NOT. Surplus? NOT. Wi generates 49.5 Million in revenues. It spends 56.7 mil and has a debt of 48.7 million the last time I looked at the state debt calculator. This means every citizen in the state owes $8,530 dollars and growing. I don't blame Mark for jumping ship mid term. Good Luck Mark. Next if your lucky you'll move out of the state with you new found company.
Mike in OC August 27, 2013 at 07:26 PM
I'm sry to see him leave... thanks for all you have done for our communities.
vocal local 1 August 28, 2013 at 07:25 AM
Marky, Marky, what have you done? Are you running away from the smoking gun? I don't blame you every man for himself but what about us? You proved your loyalty to the party by voting party even when you disagreed. Six years in Madison surely taught you something but again what about us? Many times we argued, at times we agreed still we gave you our vote. How is it Stevie knew about this before us? Will the republican party support him? Was he your choice? How can a man who's claim to fame was the Sikh incident who supported taking away our rights to own guns to defend ourselves and property who has never accounted to the community the costs and truths of what is going on now run on the republican ticket. He is a man without a conscience, a man without a country much less a community. Tell me, don't run from me without answering to protect thy self.
Betty Kerr September 11, 2013 at 06:11 PM
He co-sponsored a bill that when I spoke to him he did not even know what was in it. He sponsored legislation that has no direct effect on his home town but does in mine. Here tell he now has a job with GTAC who wrote the bill he said he authored. The Gov. Accountability Board should take a look at your homeboy. Good riddance to bad rubbish that was bought off by the big coal boys of GTAC and the Koch brothers.


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