Honadel Wants Tougher Punishment For Mob Violence

Oak Creek's state representative drafting legislation to deal with mob-style attacks.

On the heels of last week's , state Rep. Mark Honadel is drafting a bill that would bring harsher penalties for people taking part in mob-like attacks.

"While communities are now striving to be more vigilant and law enforcement efforts have been increased, I believe we must provide them with an option to charge these criminals with stiffer penalties," Honadel said in a news release. "I want to send the message that violent mobs will not be tolerated here in Wisconsin."

Honadel, a Republican from South Milwaukee who represents Oak Creek in the state Assembly, says families shouldn't be afraid to take their children to a shopping mall, park or fair.

Now that social media allows people to better organize such events, governments need to change laws to adjust, Honadel said. Other states, too, are enhancing laws pertaining to "mob action," Honadel said.

"Our laws must keep up with technology that allows social groups to quickly form a 'flash mob' to cause harm and violence," Honadel said.

In addition to the State Fair, mob violence was also seen in Milwaukee over the July 4 weekend. Across the country, cities such as Philadelphia have been dealing with similar problems.

vocal local 1 August 13, 2011 at 11:49 AM
I'd be very careful in the wording of any legislation in regard to CITIZENS RIGHTS TO ASSEMBLE. Does four hundred kids using social networking (send all) to meet constitute a mob? Further, considering the numbers that met at the park in the short time period and the fact that the majority were not violent, in my opinion is evidence that the politicians are simply looking for an opportunity to limit our rights to assemble. Does the fact that the majority of the kids were black in Amerika's number one most racial segregated city have any bearing? Would this have been considered a mob if the majority were suburban whites? Try to compare this event to the white adult mob of teachers that most recently mobbed the state capital for insight to where Representative Honadel is coming from and his intent in proposed legislation. RECALL WALKER in 2012


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