New Road Signage Addresses Residents' Requests

A barricade will go up near Bootz Saloon; new signage will be added near intersection of Centennial and Howell.

At residents' requests, new traffic-related signage will be installed in a few Oak Creek neighborhoods:

-A barricade will be installed on W. Hilltop Lane at the exit for . A resident asked for the barricade after a vehicle left Bootz and drove through the median, according to a report to council members. The barricade will inform drivers they need to turn left or right.

-A new "Left Turn Only, Through Right Turn" sign will be installed on W. Centennial Drive close to the intersection with Howell Avenue after a number of residents contacted Alderman Tom Michalski. Michalski said the hope is it will make things more clear for drivers traveling east on Centennial through the intersection.

-A "reduce speed ahead" sign will be installed on E. Drexel Avenue west of Pennsylvania. The sign came at the request of South Milwaukee officials, who noticed an increase in speeds east of the intersection, according to the report.

The signage was recommended by the city's Traffic and Safety Commission and approved by the Common Council Tuesday.

Dan Skopp May 17, 2012 at 04:30 AM
Good Idea!!, for the signage near Centenal Drive!! I live near there!!
Joe Todor May 18, 2012 at 03:20 AM
"Left Turn Only, Through Right Turn" "Left Turn Only / Through / Right Turn"


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