Oak Creek Bans Weapons From City-Owned Buildings

Ordinance also prohibits city employees from carrying on duty.

No one will be allowed to carry weapons into any city of Oak Creek building under an ordinance unanimously passed by the Common Council Tuesday.

The ordinance was approved ahead of the state's concealed-carry law that takes effect Nov. 1, though it prohibits weapons of any kind - concealed or otherwise. Also as part of the ordinance, city employees (except for law enforcement officers) cannot carry weapons while on the job.

The new rules do not apply on the grounds around city buildings or in municipal parks. It's only within buildings, such as or the . Signs will be posted near the entrance of those facilities.

A violation of the ordinance would be a criminal offense and reviewed by the district attorney's office.

The measure was recommended by Police Chief John Edwards, who added that Oak Creek's neighboring communities are adopting similar rules.

Dan Vitek October 19, 2011 at 02:50 PM
wimps ,I guess they are afriad of the law abideing people .as they should be the way they manage this city
Dean in O.C. October 20, 2011 at 05:46 PM
This just means that everyone working in City Hall is less safe. Only the criminals who will not obey this law nor any other can pack heat. In addition, if somebody sues the City because of this, the money better come out of Mayor and Aldermen's pockets and not our tax dollars!


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