Officials Hope New College Ave. Drives Economic Development

College Avenue east of Howell Avenue reopened Friday.

A new-and-improved College Avenue, now a four-lane boulevard east of Howell Avenue, officially reopened Friday morning with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The improvements, including additional lanes, sidewalks and a roundabout just west of Pennsylvania, will better connect Cudahy, Milwaukee, Oak Creek and South Milwaukee and should help stimulate economic growth in the area, local officials said.

"Today we celebrate our new, beautiful four-lane boulevard, with green landscaping, artistic murals of aviation history," said County Supervisor Pat Jursik, who represents a portion of Oak Creek and was one of the driving forces behind the construction project.

"(It's) not just a new road, but will be a gateway for economic development to the business side of the airport."

Namely, Milwaukee County officials hope the new road will benefit the development of the MKE Regional Business Park, which is emerging from the site of the former 440th Air Reserve Station at 300 E. College Ave.

"This isn't just about a new road," County Executive Chris Abele said at a program following the ribbon-cutting.

"It's about access. It's about development. Yep, it's beautiful. Yep, it's a happy day. But the way we prove that this was a worthwhile investment is that we leverage every ounce of opportunity there is to get to the purpose, which is economic development."

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, which included Jursik, Abele and other elected officials, was held near a new Mitchell International Airport runway overpass.

Oak Creek Alderman Dan Jakubczyk, whose district includes College Avenue, said he was happy the road was finally open, but he worried that planes may fly lower as a result of the runway overpass and cause more noise for residents in the area.

"It's seems like it's taken forever to complete this," Jakubczyk said. "It does look beautiful.

"Being that my district is here, I'm just wondering if it's not going to cause the planes to fly lower."

Steve November 18, 2011 at 08:23 PM
Dan, How do you keep your job as an Alderman? You said " worried that planes may fly lower as a result of the runway overpass and cause more noise for residents in the area". Did you not drive on College Ave. before this work? Did you see how low the planes were when they went over College Ave? The runway was extended to accomodate the planes, who fly not any lower over the exact subdivision you live in! They can simply land earlier and when they get to that point of being so low anyway...they are flying over vacant land. I'm dumbfounded by your negative comments over a very positive event. Now that the road is done...and the post office will not be building on the property they bought...find a way to get that property back on the tax rolls since you and buddy-mayor Dick wants to take away tax-producing property on the old Delphi site.
David Cotey November 18, 2011 at 09:25 PM
Pretty pumped this stretch of road is finally open again. I was tired of taking Rawson Ave. to get to South Milwaukee.
Hillary Wucherer November 19, 2011 at 03:24 AM
We took a spin on the new road and it's great to have the option to take College through again. And holy cow the tunnel is really bright at night!
Resident of O.C. Paul November 21, 2011 at 01:59 PM
I love how people worry about noise due to the airport...NEWS FLASH...Mitchell Airport has been at it's current location since the early 1900's when the land around it was farm fields. And if people can't stand the noise from it then they should move away from it. NO ONE forced you to live near it. When you were looking for a house, condo, apartment...Did you look around the area to see what could bother you?...more often than not you will say NO. If you said NO then you have no right to complain about the noise. Lack of common sense is what is killing America.
Tom Wessell November 21, 2011 at 04:11 PM
Like the road, hate the roundabout.


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