Plan Commission Recommends Series of Land Swaps, Lakefront Purchase

Land at the lakefront, Delphi, Drexel Avenue all part of commission's recommendations.

The Oak Creek Plan Commission has recommended two sets of land exchanges and a purchase of lakefront property for Common Council approval.

A rundown of the three measures:

Drexel Avenue

The city would exchange properties at 8245 S. 20th St., 2211 W. Drexel Ave. and part of 2301 W. Drexel Ave. with Milwaukee County for a 16-acre property at 2200 W. Drexel Ave.

The county approached the city about the swap so it could expand Falk Park and preserve those properties as park land and open space. As reported Friday, from the county near the planned Drexel Interchange.

What will happen with those 16 acres the city gets? It would be transferred  to the Oak Creek-Franklin School District, which plans to use the land as a future elementary school site. And it would become part of the next land exchange...

Oakwood-Civic Center-Delphi

The commission approved the proposed land swap between Wispark, the city and the Oak Creek-Franklin School District.

Under the plan, Wispark gets a 50-acre parcel near Oakwood Road and Howell Avenue for development of a business park, and the city gets seven acres on the former Delphi site on which to build a new library and city hall.

The school district gets the Civic Center site -- 12 acres total, though the community center occupies five -- at the corner of Puetz and Howell for an expansion of Oak Creek High School. It also gets the aforementioned 16 acres at 2200 W. Drexel Ave.

Passage in the Common Council is expected, as support of the land exchanges was part of the Feb. 7 vote to .

The Oak Creek-Franklin School Board .

Lakefront purchase

Finally, the commission recommended the .

The land was once home to the Peter Cooper Glue Factory and now could be opened up for public access. Wispark purchased 80 acres for a reported $2.3 million and would sell 30 of those acres to the city.

City officials have so far declined to comment on the price, though it's worth noting the $2.3 million for 80 acres breaks down to $28,750 per acre.

What's next?

The Oak Creek Common Council is expected to review all of this and vote at its next regularly-scheduled meeting on April 2.

The timing, of course, is interesting, given the meeting is the day before the election. Aldermen Michael Toman, Tom Michalski and Dan Bukiewicz are running for re-election; Alderman Steve Scaffidi is running for mayor; and Alderman Ken Gehl is running for county supervisor.

Some residents have called for the vote to wait until after the election, saying a turned-over council could be forced to deal with the previous council's decisions.

But officials have rejected those calls, saying the council and commission have worked on these issues for more than a year and need to keep moving forward.

So it appears as though these swaps and lakefront purchase will be decided before voters head to the polls April 3.

vocal local 1 March 29, 2012 at 09:17 PM
DOES ANYONE REALLY KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? Current elected City of Oak Creek Elected Officials are currently engaging on an unheard of debt for gain enterprise and will vote against the voice of the citizens the day before the election strangling change of plans for the next elect. Do you know how much the Lakefront is going to cost YOU? Do you know how much the city has already invested? Do you know how much the Delphi Site is going to cost YOU? Not only the seven acres valued at a Hundred Thousand per acre but the cost of construction of a new Library and City hall? Do you know how much it is going to cost YOU to replace TWO Fire Stations? Do you know how much the BANDAIDE approach of building a 9th grade wing onto the HS is going to cost YOU? Considering 975 rental units on the Delphi Site if each family has one HS aged child an annex will not be built before were facing overcrowding. How about the cost of a new Elementary on the 16 acres of swamp land the schools just agreed to give up property with a fair market value of Five Million dollars v/s the ONE point Six they sold for is going to cost you? They told us if we didn’t like it to vote them out. NOW, VOTE THEM OUT take back local government.
Patriot March 29, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Yes I totally agree. Those of you running for positions that are in favor of such irresponsible decisions at this time should really think twice!!! Take a look at what is taking place in Muskego right now due to very similar decision making!! Put these ideas to a referendum and let the people decide!! Oh but wait we do not want a referendum because we know what the outcome would be. So those of you in office and those seeking to gain a foothold obviously are not working for the people of Oak Creek. REFERENDUM and let the people decide!!!
Patriot March 29, 2012 at 10:38 PM
Seems very shady that we would take this vote prior to the election results? Hmmmmmm seems very much like Washington Politics. Behind closed doors, in the dark have to pass it to see whats in it. So its either there are a few of you who do not expect to be re-elected or what? So this is your way of ramming down our throats your ideas and visions. REFERENDUM
vocal local 1 March 30, 2012 at 07:15 AM
Patriot, we got the police station and the unfunded debt that we still struggle to pay annually over the voice of the people and that was in a booming economy. If we can hold over the vote and Verhalen is elected he will give us a referendum. I would want all the choices and the costs on the ballot. Considering the economy of the nation is still in jeopardy, the banks still unstable and a major world crash nearly inevitable I simply do not see more debt as the answer. Instead, I see the plans with WisPark as our step into bankruptcy. WisPark doesn't have any developmental investors committed to building. More retail and commercial and rental as the plan contains is more of the failing same. What am I missing? Why are the six Aldermen and acting Mayor pushing this project through? How is their secretive, plan so good for the city? More people in the pot should bring our taxes down as more people contribute to the pot but it doesn’t. My taxes continue to rise instead of decreasing only the city workers and WisPark stand to gain not you and me. Someone has to be benefiting and it certainly is not the public with this plan is my take and how far up the political ladder does the collusion extend?
Patriot March 30, 2012 at 11:45 AM
Vocal-Absolutely!! Mr Verhalen most def has my vote. The idea they are pushing this thru on the eve of the election is just mind blowing. Responsible Govt? No sounds more like a personal agenda by those currently holding office. If all this spending of money is such a great thing for the city then why the urgency to take a vote behind closed doors before the newly elected are in office? What happened to transparency? REFERRENDUM


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