Residents With Water Contamination Plan To Pressure Village

For years, a number of Caledonia and Oak Creek residents living near the We Energies Oak Creek plant have received water from the energy company because the area has high levels of chemicals. They plan to petition the Village to bring municipal water to

About 50 residents attended an informal neighborhood meeting about their wells being contaminated with chemicals like boron, benzene and molybdenum at the East Side Community Cente Wednesday night.

Mostly the meeting focused on how residents could use reverse osmosis to treat their drinking water. But the group also discussed the status of several isotope testing studies currently being done by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and what steps they planned to take to remedy the situation.

Caledonia and Oak Creek residents living near the We Energies coal plant have been receiving water from the energy company since 2009 because the area has had high levels of chemicals for years and a ground water study was due from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

At the meeting, residents discussed:

  • That the DNR will likely complete the Isotope studies in early 2013.
  • That an agreement made in 1988 between Caledonia and We Energies allowed for the Village to establish a monitoring committee, which had not been formally established by the Village.
  • That the group would petition the Village of Caledonia and the City of Oak Creek to bring municipal water to the residents.

We reported live from the meeting. However, we'll have a more complete story on Tuesday.

vocal local 1 November 26, 2012 at 07:52 AM
This is interesting. Where is the city of OC going to get the money to provide city water to the needy residents? The 2002 Mitigation Agreement allocates payment of 2.25 million a year to OC for construction impact on residents. They also receive a big chuck of money in the form of Shared Utility Revenue. The two amounts total nearly seven million annually. Unfortunately, OC did not grant the money to the safety and health of the residents as granted by the PSC. The mitigation money should be used for the residents directly effected but goes to police and fire the GOLDEN CALVES. The remainder is targeted for debt(75 to 125 million) payment scheduling for building of the new city hall and library, the Delphi Site and the redevelopment of the Lakefront. Plus the developing drama of providing Lake Michigan water to Waukesha before the city takes care of their own residents once again. This is going to end up in the courts for resolution. OC can't afford the costs of another law suit. Further, a judicial decision is surely going to uphold the PSC/Utility CO./ OC agreement forcing the city to spend the money for the purposes allocated which was only in part civil protection and the impact on services. Bolendar, Toman and WIS Park have put the city in jeopardy of Bankruptcy. Remember, the city is a business when your taxes skyrocket. They had a hard time balancing the budget this year and raised our taxes to do it.


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