Carollton Parking Lot, Playground Top List of Upcoming School Improvements

District allocates about $1.2 million each year for capital projects. The school board has approved the 2012-13 list.

Improvements to the parking lot and playground, bleacher repairs and a remodel of the high school faculty work area were among the $1.1 million in capital projects approved for the 2012-13 school year.

The school board designates about $1.2 million to capital projects each year and prioritizes each one after an extensive review of school district facilities is completed. Projects addressing safety issues are given the highest priority.

Here were the 18 capital projects, in order (costs could change as bids are submitted to the district).

1. West Middle School replacement of T12 to T8 lamps/ballasts $150,000 2. Edgewood window replacement $240,000 3. High School boys' pool locker room ceiling/fire suppression repairs $18,000 4. District Office sidewalks $5,200 5. District-wide vehicle(s) replacement $38,400 6. Shepard Hills carpet replacement $219,600 7. Meadowview east side lower entrance drainage issue $50,000 8. Cedar Hills exterior windows $66,000 9. Carollton parking lot and playground $119,900 10. Cedar Hills brick truck pointing $40,000 11. Edgewood lower level entrance canopy roof and door replacement $15,000 12. Edgewood library/kindergarten rooms carpet replacement $18,000 13. Deerfield drop ceiling or ceiling fan for main office $1,000 14. High School stadium fencing repairs or replacement as needed $31,200 15. Meadowview downspout replacement and/or extension $14,400 16. District-wide bleacher repairs $36,000 17. Carollton Caulk replacement around exterior window $17,300 18. High School remodel faculty work area and traveling teacher area $87,000
Mark Schaaf March 20, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Is there an important project or improvement you feel was left off the list?
Amy Mlot March 20, 2012 at 06:47 PM
$219,000 for carpet at Shepard Hills? Is that a misprint? Sounds excessive!
SoccerMom March 20, 2012 at 09:46 PM
Why would the playground at carrolton be updated by the school district as opposed to that at other elementary schools which are at least as out of date and have safety concerns? Other PTOs are fundraising for this to be done.


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