'Discover' An Oak Creek Student on Magazine Cover

Taylor Prelewicz, a fifth-grader at Edgewood Elementary, is on this month's cover of Discovery Girls magazine.

The next time you pass a magazine rack, look closely -- you might see an Oak Creek girl on one of the covers.

Taylor Prelewicz, a fifth-grader at , is on the June/July cover of Discovery Girls magazine. She's one of 12 Wisconsin girls chosen to contribute to the magazine, "created by and for girls" age 8 and up for encouragement, advice and inspiration.

Taylor spent nearly six hours working on an application and even more time anxiously waiting to see if she got picked.

One day while getting ready for school, her dad pulled out his phone and showed her an email. The subject line gave her all the information she needed: she made it.

"I didn't think I was going to make it in from the beginning, because they said that thousands of entries came in," Taylor said.

Then she waited again hoping to making it onto the cover, rushing to the mailbox after school every day.

Finally, it came: a stack of 20 magazines, 10 face up and 10 face down, all issues of this month's Discovery Girls.

"I was ecstatic," she said. "I was screaming as I came up the driveway."

The magazine is on display in the school office and library, and is available in area bookstores and public libraries.

Taylor answered wide-ranging questions that will be included in the next several issues: How does your life compare to your mom's life? What are you most proud of? How do your friends describe you?

In this month's issue, she responded to a question about whether students should have school over the summer.

"We are already in school for over nine months out of the year. I think summer is our opportunity to have a break and spend some time with family relaxing and going on a vacation. But reading is always a wonderful idea even in the summer," she wrote.

She also participated in photo shoots at Discovery World. And that meant another fun endeavor -- shopping sprees for clothes.

It's not the first time Taylor has been bestowed a big honor. Last year, she .

She tried for the Discovery Girls magazine because of the experiences she would get from it. And so far, the work has paid off.

"I knew it would be a really unique experience," she said.


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