Saluting Oak Creek School Volunteers

April is National Volunteer Month, and several volunteers in Oak Creek schools were recognized by the district last week.

With April designated as National Volunteer Month, the Oak Creek-Franklin School Board took some time out from its meeting last week to honor a volunteer at each school in the district.

More than 3,000 community members volunteer in Oak Creek schools, Superintendent Sara Burmeister said. Many things simply could not or would not be done in schools without the help of those people, she said.

Each school selected one volunteer to be honored at last Monday's School Board meeting. They were:

: Dawn McCarthy, who has served on the PTO in many roles and volunteered, along with her husband, to deejay school dances. She is in the office every week coordinating events with Principal Paul Kenwood and secretaries.

: Sara Jolitz, who has contributed her time and energy over several years. This year, she has been chairperson of two book fairs, a school dance, Cousins Night, Special Persons Day and the monthly Popcorn Day. 

: Dan Wagner, who has spent considerable time over the last few years volunteering in kindergarten and first-grade classrooms.

: Kim Schires, who comes to Edgewood after working the morning shift to help in four different classrooms. She works with students and helps with classroom displays and bulletin boards.

: Kerri Engebrecht, who, as president of the PTO, has provided outstanding commitment, leadership and dedication to Meadowview community. She has also volunteered a lot of time at the district level, serving on several committees. 

: Kelly Johnson, who gives up his day off to volunteer in classrooms. He also comes in after work or before work to help with everything and anything in the classroom. 

: Carrie Haselow, the volunteer coordinator at West Middle School who has done an amazing job. She stepped up to volunteer for this role when the original coordinator moved.

: Cameo Abifarin, who has been instrumental in the continued success of East Middle School. She has volunteered countless hours promoting, setting up and working during book fairs. Whenever East is short on volunteers, she’s the first to step up to the plate, often coming and going several times during the same day.

Information was supplied by school principals.


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