Oak Creek ACT Scores Fall Slightly

But a greater percentage of students took the test last year than since the late 1990s, according to state data released Wednesday.

students' composite ACT score fell from last year, though the school saw the highest percentage of students take the test since the late 1990s.

Oak Creek students posted a composite score of 21.7 in the 2011-12 school year. That score is down from the 22.1 posted the year before.

However, the 65.3 percent of OCHS students who completed the ACT marks the school's highest percentage since 1997-98, when enrollment was nearly half of what it is now.

Those figures were part of the ACT results released Wednesday by the state Department of Public Instruction. DPI officials touted Wisconsin's No. 2 national ranking, though the statewide composite score was also the lowest since 1996.

"Results on the ACT show strong statewide achievement and that vast majority of students are taking a college preparatory curriculum," Superintendent Tony Evers said in a news release. "Businesses have told us and research bears out that college ready and career ready both require rigorous high school study.

"These ACT results also show us that we have work to do to make sure every graduate has the college and career readiness skills they will need for success in the workforce or further education.”

Oak Creek's composite score was behind the state average of 22, though it beat the national score of 21.1.

A full breakdown of Oak Creek High School's results can be found on the DPI's website.

Theresa August 22, 2012 at 08:56 PM
It does not matter how many take the tests if they are not passing them. I love Oak Creek but this city revolves around the High school and the students and nothing more. We pay outrageous taxes and I keep quite .However as much as we pay we have the right to demand much better from the public schools. In my opinion they are most concerned with image. This city also needs to beware they do not become a city of just school aged families . I see a trend coming and people like us that can afford higher taxes will build in cities that care about and incorporate all their citizens not just the ones with kids in school. I am just one of many many families that feel this way.
Jeff Tomson August 22, 2012 at 10:32 PM
As resident and educator, I am very concerned about the school district. There is a great deal of under the table things going on in our public schools. The high school is a time bomb waiting to go off and many of our students are not being served well. The board of trustees are puppets and people need to be paying attention. Our schools should be getting better results. The facts are that our students are doing worse and more is coming out every day.
vocal local 1 August 22, 2012 at 11:00 PM
Jeff, also as a resident and educator: (not in this district) You forgot to mention that reportedly we have a long term heroin problem and a gestapo guard. Police in the HS and Middle Schools??? What is this saying about the behavior of the resident's children, attitude of the police, administration and school board? Remember last year we had one school board member facing felony theft for ripping off the kid's sport insurance money. But he was a cronie so the police and others stepped up and helped poor Jimbo out resulting in no charges filed? Sound familiar? Since the begining OC schools have catered to the cream leaving the masses to less than necessary educational preparedness. Never did anything before why should they now? Parent's need to visit thier children's schools. Pardon me, they have to make an appointment before they visit to find out what is really going on at all levels. NONE were in attendance at the School Board's annual budget meeting...ZERO Few attend school board meetings. Many go to sporting events. Some vote and obviously don't know what they are voting for. Teacher's got a 3.16% raise again this year.
Be Logical August 22, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Check your facts Vocal Loco....teachers did NOT get a 3.16%. Administrators did. Teachers do not even have their 2011-12 contract settled yet. And the very most teachers can get is 1.64%. Having an SRO in the school is a safety measure.
Jeff Tomson August 23, 2012 at 01:58 AM
As a long time Oak Creek resident, we get what we deserve. WE vote for these board members. They employ the district administrator. They pay her a bonus. We put up with mediocre schools. I know other school districts do much better than Oak Creek. But we get what we deserve I guess. Our kids deserve better, but the most important people in Oak Creek pubic schools - the sup and her administrators. The have the board fooled. Do you all realize that our board gets paid to sit and vote yes like bobble heads?
Connie Ploch August 23, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Pardon me...the drug problem is NOT the sole concern of our schools. They are NOT responsible for raising our kids--that would be the responsibility of parents and guardians. If kids are disengaged, that is not 100% of the teachers fault. Don't point fingers at teachers when the trouble stems from home. Teachers touch a large portion of the future of our kids, and many fail to remember all the prep time outside of the normal school days and their own personal money spent on recertification and extra supplies all for the good of our kids.
Theresa August 24, 2012 at 02:51 AM
Connie no one said the school is responsible for raising kids. They are however responsible for making sure they are learning. It is obvious year after year they are not living up to the parents standards. I sent all my kids to private schools and the focus was on their education and well being. I have grand children in this school system and I am not impressed .I have to say more than once i was shocked at how fake this school system is ,drugs, fights, skipping school, etc yet if a child misses 4 or 5 days of school because of an illness the shame on you letters start pouring in from the school. My son once got a call because his child was late a few times that month. We explained she takes the bus it would waste more time if once we realized the bus was late we walked back home and got in the car. That stuff they make a big deal of the important stuff they shove under the rug. It is having a nice exterior while inside is falling apart.
CB August 25, 2012 at 12:16 AM
Drugs, fights, skipping school is evident in most all high schools, private or public. This is unfortunate. This is also something that can be stopped at home! This article focused on test scores. I would love to see higher scores just like everyone else. To put all the blame in one place would not be proper. Education begins at home and is truly a partnership between schools and families. When families support learning the way they used to, things may get better. Also, please note there are many students that take the sat and act because their parents push them to....many have no intention of continuing their education past high school
vocal local 1 August 25, 2012 at 09:55 AM
I have a problem with teacher's saying it's the parents, the homes the kids are coming from. Classrooms are under the control of the teachers. I'd like to send a kid to the office for disrupting my class have them sent home and not allowed back without the parent attending for a day to observe and control the child's behaviors. Many parents don't have a clue how their child or the kid sitting next to theirs behaves. Scores: WKCEs guide school districts. Year after year the same schools score about the same. We look at the scores as guides, we hand out report cards that don't really tell parents why their child got an A or a D. Susie received a D because she doesn't know her multiplication facts might give greater insight to a remedial problem. What we need to do here in OC is raise the standards for the core students. More challenge, faster pace. INTENSE, fast paced remediation programs for the kid that fell behind for whatever reason, not more of the same. I want the cops out of the schools. I want open enrollment allowing parents choice on which school they want to send their child to. Why does Shepard Hills do better than Meadowview? I'd also like to know how many of the kids that do go on to college finish successfully. We know how many go but we don't know how many finish. This number would be enlightening and revealing. If a child doesn't know how to sit down and shut up by age three most often the parent has failed and is sending me a problem.
Brad Schmidke August 27, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Why doesn't Oak Creek School District publish the information? I think because they know it is not very good...
Brad Schmidke August 27, 2012 at 01:49 AM
The Oak Creek Board take their direction from the District Administrator. They do what she say even though, they own it. She doesn't even live in Oak Creek. But they do and April elections are coming.


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