Oak Creek Teachers Union Votes To Recertify

Union leader says teachers remain unified.

The Oak Creek teachers union, like most of its counterparts in the Milwaukee area, voted Thursday to recertify and keep its union status.

The recertification was necessary as a result of the new collective-bargaining law, which requires unions to recertify every year. The move allows the union to continue its ability to negotiate wages. Teachers and many others in public unions are restricted from bargaining for anything else under the changes passed in Act 10.

Terry Grogan, president of the Oak Creek Education Association, said in a news release that "school employee unions had significant doubts about the fairness of the mandated process and the long-term value of remaining certified."

But by doing so, "this is one way we are sending a message to Governor Walker and his followers in the state Legislature that we are committed to being a strong voice for our profession, schools and students," he said.

"Our members will remain part of an organization that is fighting to preserve quality public education and middle class jobs in Wisconsin."

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the governor's office issued a statement saying, "Earlier this year, workers were given the ability to make decisions about union dues and other factors that directly affect their paychecks. Some have chosen to stay certified while others chose not to. The important thing was that they were given the freedom to choose."

Click here for more on statewide recertification votes.

Dean in O.C. December 12, 2011 at 06:30 PM
I know it is asking a lot for reporters to get the facts but it sure would be interesting to know what the vote tally was. I think that would possibly be insightful and it would be great to compare this year's tally to the vote that will be taken next year at this time. My guess is that teachers begin to realize that the union leaders have been brainwashing them and that they don't need them anymore, more votes will swing to the NO UNION side.
Mark Schaaf December 13, 2011 at 01:11 AM
330 Oak Creek union members voted on it - 321 voting yes, 9 voting no.


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