OCHS Student-Made Soda Now in Stores

Knightro Fusion, a cherry-vanilla soda, is now available in Oak Creek at the Howell Avenue Pick 'n Save, Woodman's and Gary's Beer & Liquor.

From the classrooms of to your refrigerator: the student-made Knightro Fusion soda is now available in Oak Creek stores. 

As the Journal Sentinel reports, the soda is now available at Pick 'n Save, 8770 S. Howell Ave.; Woodman's, 8131 S. Howell Ave.; and Gary's Beer & Liquor, 9555 S. Howell Ave.

The cherry-vanilla soda is the work of students in Jim Buss's advanced placement chemistry class as well as students of marketing teacher Michael Burden.

The AP chem students spent six weeks mixing ingredients, conducting taste tests and adjusting the formula. When it was done, they passed it onto Burden's class, which conducted a naming contest, created a bottle label and formulated a marketing plan.

The entire school voted on the soda's name before it in February.

The school worked with Oak Creek-based Black Bear Soda Company on the project. Black Bear's sales from the soda will go toward scholarships for students, Burden said.

about how the project got started.


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