School District Eyes Security Upgrades

Administrators are proposing new classroom door locks throughout the district, additional cameras at the high school and middle schools.

Safety and efficiency are two themes in a proposed list of capital projects for the Oak Creek-Franklin School District.

Among the upgrades administrators are eying are new classroom door locks at schools throughout the district, a new fire alarm system at Shepard Hills and additional cameras at the high school and both middle schools.

The school district is also proposing to resurface the high school's east and west parking lots.

Oak Creek annually allocates $1.2 million for capital projects, which are brought forward by school principals and then prioritized. The district focuses on improvements in health and safety, curriculum and instruction, and efficiency, Superintendent Sara Burmeister said.

The following is the list of proposed capital projects, which the School Board will vote on in its March 11 meeting, ranked in priority.

Priority Location Upgrade Cost 1 Edgewood upgrade temperature control system $82,000 2 Cedar Hills guidance office ventilation $2,153 3 Cedar Hills second floor storeroom ventilation to convert room into an instructional space $3,000 4 High School re-configure Room 150 into two classrooms $5,865 5 High School additional cameras to areas outside the coverage area of other cameras $13,800 6 East Middle School add cameras in corridors to enhance security $31,188 7 West Middle School install security camera system $31,188 8 Meadowview install window between clerk's office and main entry to prevent people from entering and wandering through building $4,370 9 District-wide replace classroom door locks $150,000 10 Shepard Hills replace fire alarm system $119,600 11 District Office address heating problems $75,000 12 East Middle School clerestory windows in multi-purpose rooms $15,000 13 High School lighting upgrades for shops and other rooms $21,045 14 West Middle School library lighting upgrades $2,990 15 West Middle School parking lot repairs $150,000 16 Meadowview replace PA system $40,250 17 Shepard Hills replace paging/intercom $23,000 18 Carollton main office door $5,980 19 Deerfield upgrade interior rooms' temperature controls $7,475 20 High School resurfaceWest parking lot and north access drive $120,000 21 High School resurfaceEast parking lot; repair storm sewer and drains and re-stripe $150,000 22 East Middle School replace gas shut-off valves for science classrooms $4,761 23 High School replace main gym PA system $15,000 24 West Middle School upgrade gym exterior doors $2,875 25 Edgewood convert kitchen walk-in cooler from water-cooled to air-cooled to reduce water consumption $11,640 26 East Middle School address runoff from courtyards $10,000 27 Meadowview improvements to windows on north face of gymnasium $14,639 28 Carollton replace clocks $7,900 29 Edgewood new clock system $28,750 30 West Middle School convert all chalkboards to whiteboards $30,000 31 District Office replace both back doors $8,611 32 High School replace ground floor exterior door $8,611 33 High School refinish or replace pool bleacher boards as needed $10,046
allen February 26, 2013 at 08:47 PM
i'd like to see exact details of the items they plan on buying. i doubt they do much price comparison onnthe market. they'll pay $150k for locks that could be had for half the price. happens with everything the city buys - outdoor equipment, printers, etc...
SoccerMom February 26, 2013 at 10:24 PM
I was at the meeting last night because I would prefer to have all the information before making uninformed comments. The reason that they are trying to get these numbers approved is because they are probably higher than what the quotes they will get will come in at. If they do not get these capital expenditures approved it pointless for them to even start shopping around for prices. That is why this will be voted on soon and get specifc quotes on each item.


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